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Jul 7, 2019
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Talisman Online is back! Enjoy this Chinese Fantasy MMORPG Mobile Game

Thousands of years ago, lands were filled with peace and harmony. Locals dwelled and worked to their heart’s content. Family legacies passed on for many generations.

However, an unknown force has been lurking in the shadows. With the appearance of the Blood Lord, peace ceased to exist. The Blood Lord slaughtered all living organisms that crossed his path while absorbing souls to further strengthen himself. During the times of apocalypse, the Blood Lord ruled over all continents with sovereignty. The fresh scent of burning corpses can be tasted amidst the ongoing bloodshed.

Scene Display (Wicked Realm)

Infernal Swordsman (BOSS)

Ice Nymph (BOSS)

Vermilion (BOSS)

Five Schools joined forces to vanquish the diabolical Blood Lord. However, their path was paved with hardships and desperation. After paying the bitter price, The Five Schools were finally able to gain an upper hand over The Blood Lord. In the final moments of the decisive battle, the five leaders of the schools sacrificed their school's legacy weapons to seal off the Blood Lord under the Jade Cliff, Disciples of the Schools were ordered to keep a close watch on the seal for generations.

Until recently, a violent shock suddenly emitted within the Cliff of Focusing Jade. The weapons that sealed the Blood Lord were shattered one after the other while having their fragments scattered all over the mountain. Five schools immediately strengthened their surveillance on the seal with their disciples and ordered to search for the ancient magic weapon fragments across the mountain range…

There are five characters you can choose from.

Go ahead! The fate of this world relies on you!

What is Talisman Online M?
TALISMAN ONLINE M is a cross-platform Chinese fantasy MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) mobile game that harkens back to the spirit of our original PC video game Talisman Online. From the perspective of mobile games, TALISMAN ONLINE M has made enough innovations, while restoring the classic PC video game Talisman Online:

TALISMAN ONLINE M added weather systems such as drizzle, wind, snow, sunset, and other weather conditions, thereby transforming the game environment and making it no longer static.

With the open-ended landscape view, we are trying to paint a detailed game picture for you guys. Whether if it’s a small bridge on top of a stream or a darkened altar scene, TALISMAN ONLINE M attempts at its best to restore the charm of ancient Chinese structures while leading you into this new immersive world to explore, solve, and take part in.

A mobile game with additional platforms, share data by using the same account. The PC version may release after beta test, based on the actual timeline.

TALISMAN ONLINE M perfectly combined two types of gameplay: player vs player (PVP) and player vs environment (PVE), so that players will have multiple experiences while playing TALISMAN ONLINE M on your phone, tablet and PC. All personal game data will be shared, which means you can continue the adventure as long as using the same account on phone, tablet or PC.
The most important thing in a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) is the interaction between players. We made this point very prominent when we created TALISMAN ONLINE M, and set up a very rich player interaction system.
  • Random Team: Team up with strangers to do tasks, kill monsters, or complete specified operations,then you will get EXP, gift, silver and materials.
  • Guild:Set up or join a Guild to build and grow Guild together
  • Spouse System:After reaching a certain level, system will open the dating system, you can date with your favorite players. After dating a certain number of times, you can choose to become a companion, then hold a grand Chinese wedding ceremony, and invite friends to attend the wedding banquet.

PVP System
  • Siege: Different from the full-service competition for a city in the general game, TALISMAN ONLINE M has designed a unique multi-city competition in the Siege. There are three main cities in the game, each Guild can only choose one of them to sign up. Compared to competing for a single city, how the Guilds choose between opponents and teammates to make the Siege more strategic.
  • Cloud Arena: You can play 3V3 PK challenges in team mode, invite friends to fight alongside you, and fully enjoy the fun of PVP competition
We want to create a more real-world for players, so we are currently planning new interactive content for players - Manor, where you can create furniture, entertain friends, plant crops, and freely build the ideal mansion.
The antique furniture with Chinese characteristics not only can be used as decoration, but also can interact with each other so that players can experience more fun of Manor.

We will do our best to improve the communication and interaction between players so that players can find a greater sense of belonging.

Introduction: Talisman Online PVP Modes

As an authentic MMORPG game, Talisman Online M presents different kinds of PVP gameplay modes to players. Wild PK, 3V3, multiplayer battle, no matter which one you like, there is always one for you. Today, Tom will give you a brief introduction about these PVP modes in Talisman Online M.

Wild PK
A fierce field battle starting at any time is a normal thing in Talisman Online M. When you enter a wild field, you can easily switch to battle mode by tapping on the Mode icon at the top left of your screen. There are four modes to choose, Lvling, Battle, Guild and All Mode.

Lvling Mode: Switching to this mode, you cannot actively attack any player; when being attacked by other players, you’ll be in defensive mode, at this point you can counter attack.

Battle Mode: You can attack non-lvling mode players, except your own guild or party members.
Guild Mode: You can attack any mode players, except your own guild or party members.
All Mode: You can attack any mode players, except your party members.

If you are a new player under Level 20, don't need to worry that your life is in danger. You cannot be attacked or attack others due to the protection mechanism.

Brawl Arena
Brawl Arena is the first PVP gameplay unlocked for players. You can obtain rewards from completing daily missions when you defeat monsters or players in PVP areas; you can obtain Divine Souls when you defeat a player; if a BOSS spawns the greater the rewards!

The rewards include Divine Soul, Appraisal Gem Bag, Cultivation Token Basic, Brawl Arena Token, Scarecrow and Purple Fruit.

Divine Battlefield
Different from Brawl Arena, players will be assigned to two parties fighting with each other in the Divine Battlefield. The party with the most kills will gain more points and win at the end. The holy flaming spirit corps are ready to go, the battlefield again!

Wild Leader

The Wild Leaders are the world bosses refreshed every day on different areas of the map that everyone can go to find and kill them. Guild member who is contributed to killing the wild leader will obtain 300 guild contribution and the guild that finally kills the wild leader can get 40,000 guild funds. Therefore, you will need to fight with players from other guilds to stop them defeating the monster. Each channel will have its own wild leaders in different level.

Could Arena

Cloud Arena is a 3V3 gameplay mode, which you can group with your friends or strangers as a team to fight against another team. Compared to solo PK or group battle, 3V3 requires a more reasonable match of characters and weapons. Additionally, during the battle, a player will not be brought back to life after he or she is killed, which will make the team at a disadvantage. Therefore, the best option is to make a team with your friends so that you can cooperate more closely and win the fight.

More PVP modes will be revealed gradually after the release, as well as the detailed strategies about each gameplay mode.

Introduction: Two Main Weapons for Each Character

As we introduced, Talisman Online M inherited the gameplay settings of Talisman Online, each class has two main weapons which can be easily adapt to various combat environments.

In this update, Tom is going to show you more details of "Choose suitable main weapon based on different situations".


Buddhism Dual Axe - Suitable for PVP environments. Dual Axe has a strong control ability, with remote control skills and also the strongest melee combat weapon. Monk is a violent fighter while using the dual axe. Dual Axe is highly recommended as the first weapon choice in PVP.

Fire Staff - Suitable for PVE environments. In dungeons, Monk has the strongest threat attraction while using staff and can also protect teammates with his excellent ability to resist damage. By using the staff, the Monk will literally be a human shield.


Poison Dagger - Suitable for use in PVP environments. Powerful single high-damage skills plus a series of combo moves. The Assassin will take the enemy's life within three moves by using a Dagger. You can say it is a real "professional killer skills".

Lightning Scythe - Suitable for PVE environments. Assassin using Scythe is the main damage dealer in dungeons. By using Scythe the Assassin can cause a lot of AOE damage to groups of enemies. Scythe is a good choice for character cultivation and clearing dungeons.

Sword Mage
Fire Magic Sword - Can cause continuous burning damage, possess disarming and explosive skills that give the character high damage for a short period of time. When there are few hostile enemies, you can use the Fire Magic Sword to make sure the target will die with one blow.

Water Spirit Blade – Sword Mage has superior group attack abilities and control skills while using the Spirit Blade. Each skill will cause a lot of damage to the group of enemies. Spirit Blade is highly recommended as the first weapon choice for group battles.

Lightning Crescent Moon - Suitable for in PVP environments. Priest uses the Crescent Moon to have excellent ranged attacks and stun skills, also has the ability of healing, DPS, and extraordinary PK skills.

Buddhism Spirit Orb - Suitable for use in PVE environments. It’s the main weapon for assisting healing. It also has assist functions that help other teammates. Priest using the Spirit Orb has excellent healing skills, also can recover and control targets.

Poison Crossbow - Suitable for use in PVP environments. The crossbow can poison groups of enemies and cause sustained damage, defeating the enemies without leaving a trace. Not only has a strong outburst and a high attack but also its mobility is the most unique advantage in PVP. It has a good choice for PK.

Water Longbow - Suitable for use in PVE environments. Longbow is a long-range offensive weapon, quick at using skills, allowing players to have smooth combat experience. It is an indispensable weapon in dungeons.

TOM Tips: How to gain in-game currency – Bound Silver

Bound Silver is the most widely used currency in Talisman Online M, it can only be obtained by the game system, cannot be bought. It can be used to forge gears, cultivate gears, refine gears, upgrade pet skills, and many other uses.

Tom made a Mind Map as following, let’s look through and have a basic understanding of how many ways can help you obtain the Bound Silver, then we will explain each way in detail.

Main Tasks
You will not always obtain Bound Silver when finishing main tasks, but the main task is the fixed income of Bound Silver while your character is lower than Lvl 15.


In-game Events:

There are various daily events that can obtain Bound Silver, remember always check “Fortune” and collect your rewards.

Facebook Events:
TOM official Facebook page will hold 3-4 interesting online events with rich rewards each month, remember to participate. We will add some in-game currency rewards in future Facebook events.

Heaven Scroll
Heaven Scroll will be opened when the character reaches Lvl 15, and most of the daily events are collected in this system.
Escort Lelani: Obtain abundant bound silver.

Race and Blood Lord Dystopia: Obtain a certain amount ofbound silver.

Buried Treasure: Obtain “treasure maps” when you complete tasks made by Talisman Alliance, after using it you can go to the target location for the treasure hunt and have the opportunity to obtain bound silver.

Battle Store
In Heaven Scroll, you can obtain battle tokens by participating in Divine Battle and Brawl Arena, then using battle tokens to exchange the Wealth God Giftbag in Battle Store, and you will get some Bound Silver by using the Wealth God Giftbag.

Sell Items
In addition to Heaven Scroll and Fortune the main acquisition places of Bound Silver, selling gears in the bag and completing the main tasks also can directly or indirectly obtain Bound Silver.

TOM Tips: Before Siege War, what you should know

Only the strongest guild can take the Blood Palace, fight together with your guild members for the highest glory!

Before looking through the detailed rules, Tom wants to share some important points with you:
  1. Within a war, power is not the only important thing; strategy and good cooperation within the guild or among guilds can also be the keys leading to the final victory;
  2. The result is not for sure till the last minute. Therefore, do not give up or celebrate too early;
  3. There is no defend guild (Blue) in the first opening of Siege. All the war guilds (Red) can choose to cooperate or fight against each other.
Level requirement: Level 30
Event time: Every Saturday, 21:00-21:45 (Server Time)

How to register?
To participate in the Siege, players have two ways to register. One is to register as a guild. Guild master or captains can register a war in advance. Once the guild master or captains register, all the guild members can join directly when the siege starts. If you currently do not belong to any guild or your guild does not register in any of the cities, you can join as an individual. Guild members can enter through Guild Siege interface. All players can also enter directly to the Siege through Heaven Scroll and the event notification beside the chat section.

During the Siege, the guild is able to cancel or declare war in another city with a 15-minute interval between war declarations. The guild needs to wait for the cooldown time to end before declaring a new war. Only the guild master or captains can register to start a siege. The guild alliance can register as the war guild (Red) or the defend side (Blue) to support the defend guild to fight against the war guilds. A guild can only register to fight in one city at one time.

How to play?
After entering the battlefield, there are two routines to the cities leading to the final Seal Tower. The war guilds can only enter the city after breaking the gates first. The final Seal Tower will remain indestructible until the energy tower and soul tower being destroyed. After that, all the Red guilds can enter the area where the seal tower is and attack it.

The player who inflicts the most damage to the tower in this round and his/her guild will obtain the rights of the city temporarily. 60 seconds after the energy tower and soul tower being destroyed, attack and defense totem will be refreshed in the same areas. Player who finally destroys the totems and his/her guild members will receive a strength buff. After the totem being destroyed by the Red guild, the seal tower will automatically lose 5% HP, which will not be included in the final damage calculation. Otherwise, if the totem is destroyed by the Blue guild, the seal tower will restore 10% HP.

After successfully destroying the seal tower, the war guild will automatically become the new Blue guild, and the guild allies will automatically turn to assist in defensing. The original defense guild will become the new Red guild and all the members will be sent back to the entrance.

Once the Siege finishes, the guild master of the final Blue guild will become the new round of city Lord. And his/her guild will automatically become the Blue guild in the next week’s Siege.

After you enter the battlefield, there are three modes for you to choose. However, no matter which mode you are in, the defend guild and the war guild are against each other so that you can attack the player from the encounter party.

Siege Mode: Default mode in the Siege. Under this mode, you can only attack players from the encounter guild.
Battle Mode: When you turn on the battle mode, you’ll be able to attack players from other guilds who are not under siege mode.

Clear Mode: Clear Mode is for you to clear anyone who are preventing you from reaching the final soul tower, no matter which mode he/she is in.

Therefore, if you are a member of the defend guild, any mode works as the same to you. But if you become one of the war guilds, you will need to carefully decide which mode to use. Since the gates and tower all have high HP, Tom would suggest all the war guilds work together to break the defense first.

Teleporter: Defend guild members can take advantage of the teleporters beside the three towers to fast transport among the three towers to defend.

Siege Potion: every guild member can purchase Siege Potion from the Guild Tribute Shop using Guild Tribute. It will help you instantly recover 8,000 HP with 2 second cooldown.
Event rewards:
  1. The guild master of the occupying guild will become the new city lord and obtain an exclusive and limited mount. The occupying guild members who participated in the Siege will obtain a special title.
  2. All the members that registered and participated can also receive rewards according to their performance.
  3. Every week, players above level 30 can find accept Siege War mission from Siege Envoy in Chengdu. Once the siege begins, find the Siege Officer in the camp to complete the mission.
  4. The occupying guild and the allies can start an extra Guild Tree event immediately after the siege.
  5. After the guild war, remember to go to the Chengdu City where Tom has also prepared a surprise for the winner.
Siege War requires a good strategy and cooperation among all the guild members. Therefore, all the guild masters and members, prepare yourself and get ready to fight for the glory!

TOM Introduction: Fellowship System

Talisman Online M Fellowship System has opened. Level 55 players can go to Peach Blossom Island to start a fellowship. If you have any questions about fellowship, this article could help.

To build a fellowship, you need to enter the ‘’Fellow” page through the “Friend” button. Click “Fellowship” button on the left bottom to head over the Peach Blossom Island where you and your friends can build a fellowship. A fellowship is limited to a minimum of two and maximum of five persons. For the fellowship, the leader needs to create a party to include all the members and bring a Fellowship Knot (can be bought from the Shop--> Guild). After talking to NPC – Tyden in the Peach Blossom Island, the leader can click “Close Friends” to start building a fellowship. A title is required for each fellowship. When your fellowship has less than five members, you can also find Tyden to start recruiting new members.

After building a fellowship, a twin tree will be planted and all players can obtain a fellowship title. As the twin tree level increases, the title will bring more benefits to all the members. You can pick the twin tree and join the fellowship dungeon to obtain fellowship points. When you have a certain amount of fellowship points, you can use them to increase the twin tree level. Additionally, when you team up with your fellowship members, you can obtain a fellowship buff. As the twin tree level increases the buff gets stronger!

Play together, fight together and win together! Talisman Online M will launch more gameplay modes.

TOM Introduction: Divine Arena

After the Siege War, another guild gameplay Divine Arena will surely start the fire among guilds. This gameplay is a combination of PVE and Guild PVP. If your guild wants to get rewards, you will need to come up with a good combat strategy. Being familiar with the rules is the priority before entering the battlefield.
Player requirement: Lvl 40
Guild requirement: Lvl 2
Event Time: Every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday from 21:00 to 22:00 (Server Time)


Guild Rewards:
• TOP 5 Guilds in the DPS ranking will obtain rewards. Rewards will be given according to the DPS dealt.
• The guild that deals the first or last hit will obtain a guaranteed reward.
Individual Rewards:
The player in the guild who deals DPS will obtain a reward in their mailbox.

After defeating the BOSS, all guild rewards will be sent directly to the guild action house. In the auction house, if all items from the same boss are sold, guild members will receive their profit according to their tribute. Damage dealt to the BOSS and other players is added to the tribute system.
To enter the Divine Arena, members need to click Guild --> Event.

There are three maps in Divine Arena: Divine Realm (Human), Mortal Realm (Earth) and Immortal Realm (Heaven). The more difficult the map is, the better rewards you will obtain. Each guild member can enter different layers of the map, but it’s better to follow the commands from the guild management.

From the map below, we can tell that each map is divided into 9 areas. 1 Big BOSS and 2 Small BOSSES will randomly spawn on the 4 corners of each map. After leaving the center area (Safe zone), all players will automatically be forced to lock [Guild Battle Mode].

Finding he locations of monsters is quite important for the guild. If the guild stays in the corner where the BOSS hasn’t spawned, you will miss the opportunity to obtain the first hit reward. Therefore, four groups of vanguards are necessary for spying the locations of bosses and making the initial attack. The vanguards can be made up of five or four Assassins and one Archer in order to move quick and deal more damage.

After guaranteeing the first hit rewards, guilds can choose to split your firepower to three different bosses or lock a specific one to gain the DPS reward and last hit reward. Small parties can be created while on the battlefield so that the DPS classes can be well protected and strategically output their damage. Divine Arena doesn’t only give all the guild members great rewards but also help members to build a strong militant friendship.

Since there are three layers of the map with different difficulty levels, guild masters or captains should carefully choose which one to enter according to the Guild CP. How to adapt to the changing circumstance is a key point in maximizing the profits in Divine Arena. To achieve this, good leadership of the captains, and close communication among the members is quite important. If the current situation is not promising, quickly changing the battlefield may help you prevent any potential losses.

TOM Introduction: Couple System

Love has no limits, make a lifetime vow in front of Matchmaker; Love is priceless, invite all your friends to join this grand Chinese wedding celebration. TOM has tried the best to bring an authentic traditional Chinese wedding to immortals.
Before the Couple System is online, Tom will have a walkthrough for you to be ready.

Level requirement: lvl. 50

In TOM Couple System, the daily dating activity is the only way for players to obtain Affinity points. Every player will have one daily Active Date and one passive date. During dating time players can obtain a huge amount of EXP, SP, and a certain amount of Affinity points. When both player's Affinity reaches Level 3, players can apply to become a couple.

Active Date invite will cost one “True Lover's Knot”, you can buy it from Silver Shop. Tap the player's icon to pop up a menu where you can select "Invite Date". When the player approves the invitation, both players will automatically join one party and start dating.

Every date will last for 3 minutes, you can use some “Dating Atmosphere Item” to increase Affinity points. “Heart-shaped flowers” increases 40 Affinity points for both players, you can buy it from Silver Shop and Diamond Shop. “Human Goddess” increases 60 Affinity points for both players, you can buy it from Diamond Shop. Every player can use each “Dating Atmosphere Item” two times a day.

Couple Quiz
During dating, you can also experience the Couple Quiz. Improve your understanding of each other through a few simple questions, and it also has a voice function to make communication smoother between each other.

Questions of Couple Quiz are relatively broad. If you can't answer them, remember to ask your partner for help! Both parties will obtain a huge amount of EXP, SP, and Affinity points. The more correct answers, the richer rewards, come and experience Couple Quiz!

After the date ends, players will be sent back to the starting point. You can enter and view the date details page through the Couple button. Generally, when two players have been dating each other for 2 consecutive days, and use “Dating Atmosphere Items”, then the Affinity will reach level 3, thereafter both players can find the Matchmaker and become a couple.

Become Couple

When both player's Affinity reaches Level 3, players can find the Matchmaker in Chengdu City and apply to become a couple. "Couple Affinity Coupon" is a necessity item for your marriage; you can find it in the Diamond Shop. Either player can use "Couple Affinity Coupon" to initiate a request, once both players have agreed you can become a couple.

After you become a couple, there will be a special title for couples under Couple Interaction: HP +1500, Combat Power +1500. Remember to active and use the title.

Hope all of you can find the one that you always wish for!

TOM Guide: Wedding Ceremony

After two players officially become a couple, you will be able to register your own Wedding Ceremony at the Couple Ceremony Board to celebrate and share the joy with your friends! Today, Tom will introduce the wedding process for all the players so you can better enjoy your sweet ceremony.
Book a Ceremony

There are three types of Couple Ceremony, which are Simple, Elegant and Luxury. The schedule of all wedding ceremonies is the same, but the scene decoration is different. Among them, Luxury has the most luxurious decoration but is one of the most expensive. Please choose the ceremony type rationally according to your needs.

Each wedding ceremony will cost one “Ceremony Stamp”. You can find it in “Ceremony Giftbag” that can be bought from the Diamond Shop.
The wedding ceremony only opens from 19:00-24:00, and each wedding ceremony will last 30 mins. Players need to reserve the ceremony time in advance. When the appointment time arrives, the ceremony will automatically start. Simple Ceremony can be reserved 3 days in advance; Elegant Ceremony can be reserved 5 days in advance; Luxury Ceremony can be reserved 7 days in advance.

Each time period has limited registrations for the same type of ceremony. Players cannot reserve when the registration has reached its limit, but you may select other unfilled time periods.

Send Invitations
After making a reservation for the wedding ceremony, players can use the “Invitation Card” obtained by purchasing the "Ceremony Giftbag" to invite other players to participate in your wedding ceremony. Only the players who have received an “Invitation Card” can participate in your ceremony. "Ceremony Giftbag" will give you 30 Invitation Cards, if you want to invite more than 30 friends, you can also go to the Diamond Shop to purchase additional Invitation Cards.

Wedding Gifts
Players who have received the Invitation Card can participate in the Ceremony of the invitational party within the specified time. Before the ceremony starts, guests can send wedding gifts to the couple through the Invitation Card, or send gifts to any couple by selecting "View/Enter Ceremony" on the Couple Ceremony Board. If the couple receives a certain number of gifts, the decorations will be placed in a prominent place of the Ceremony. When the guests send 99 gifts at once, it will trigger “Special Lion Roar” congratulations greeting. For every 99 gifts received by the couple, a basket of flowers will be placed in the scene where the ceremony started. After the ceremony is over, the guest can't send more gifts and all gifts received by the couple will be shown at the Couple Ceremony Ranking List.

Ceremony Process
When the scheduled time arrives, the ceremony will start automatically. When the ceremony begins, every player at the ceremony map, once in a while they'll gain EXP and SP. The process of a wedding ceremony includes six steps: Welcome Guest, Couple’s Vow, Ceremony, Silk Ball, Banquet, and Scatter Candy, the wedding ceremony will last 30 mins.

During “Welcome Guest, Couple’s Vow, and Ceremony”, players can use “Feast Brocade”, colorful fireworks will fill the whole Ceremony and bring it to a climax.

During “Silk Ball”, there will have plenty of halos in the middle of the scene, the Silk Ball will be thrown in a random halo. Players in halos will receive Lucky Silk Ball Bags, players are inside the Lucky halo will obtain extra amount of Lucky Silk Ball Bags.

During “Banquet”, there will have some dishes on the table for players to taste. There are three specifications of the wedding banquet: 5 dishes, 8 dishes, and 10 dishes; Couples can choose the menu according to your preference. Players will obtain a huge amount of EXP and SP by tapping the table and enjoying dishes.

During “Scatter Candy”, after the couple selects the type of candy, the candy will be scattered everywhere at the banquet, obtain a great amount of EXP and SP after players pick up the candy.

Couple Movements
In the new interactive system of TOM, players can unlock some action skills as the character level increases. The meaning of these actions is mostly neutral and can be used in most situations. In addition to the interactive gameplay between friends, TOM has made some exclusive interactive actions between Couples. The actions of Couples are more intimate and more gorgeous, but Couples must reach the corresponding Affinity Levels to unlock interactive actions such as: [Cutesy], [Hug], [Whistle], [Dance], [Rainbow], etc. Players need to date and use “Dating Atmosphere Item” to increase Affinity Levels, and then you can unlock the exclusive actions quickly.

Want more EXP? You have to read this! One day reach Lvl. 43 or above!

Thanks to this anonymous player for writing this tip, Tom decided to send it out to help more players upgrade smoothly and quickly.

TOM Tabulated

1. After entering the game, pick up the Big Novice Gourd first!
  • One Big Novice Gourd has 20,000 EXP and 13,000 SP.
  • Do not pick up the Novice Gourd, it only has 10,000 EXP and 6,500 SP due to Novice Gourd and Big Novice Gourd share the number of pickups.
  • If there are many people picking the Big Novice Gourd, you can upgrade first, pick up while upgrading.
Remember: Pick gourd before level 36, you cannot pick it after Lvl 36.

2. Daily pickup limit is less than 30 (I’m not sure, didn’t count), then you can follow the main tasks. Demonic Array will be unlocked when you reach Lvl 15, try to play manually as possible, the higher points you hit, the more EXP you will get.

3. After finishing Demonic Array, continue to do main tasks. You may be stuck when reaching Lvl 38, do not do daily events at this time, to do the Divine Trial and Purgatory Challenge. After completing these two, you can basically reach Lvl 39 or more, then continue to do main tasks. If you stuck again, to do Guild mission and Suppress Fiend, then you can reach Lvl 40 or more.

4. When you reach Lvl 40, finish main tasks first. Then you can complete Divine Battle and Peach Garden to reach Lvl 41. Go to Dark World, use Gem Tree Orb, which can increase EXP, and SP by 10 times, you can easily reach Lvl 42.

5. After finishing main tasks of Lvl 42, complete Buried Treasure to Lvl 43. Then be a Dungeon fighter, challenge Lvl 41 Normal Dungeon as many as you can, one time with 60k EXP (I think the limitation is 30 times, but it shows “Unlimited”, maybe they will fix that).

6. When you reach the limitation of Lvl 41 Normal Dungeon, you can challenge Lvl 41 Hero Dungeon.
After finishing all the above tasks, you can easily reach Lvl 43 or more.
All in all, hold main tasks before you can do Dungeons and Heaven Scroll!
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Bounty Mission​

There are many missions in Talisman OM, if you don't have time for one day, ask someone else to do the rest of the work for you! Issue a Daily Bounty Mission, and let other Talisman players help you complete the mission, all rewards will be accepted regardless of what they are! Complete other players issued missions to obtain the bounty rewards! Help one another, each take what they need. Once the mission is issued, free yourself from the tedious task!

Spend money to find help​

Not all missions can be completed with a bounty, some of them you’ll have to do them yourself. You can issue bounty missions such as normal dungeon missions, and you can also use diamonds or any other type of unbound item to act as a bounty reward, the better the bounty reward is, the more players will accept it.
After you issue a bounty mission, the remaining times and rewards will be deducted, once the bounty mission has been accepted by another player, the reward will be given accordingly! If there’s no times left today to issue a bounty mission, players won’t be able any rewards, make sure you check before issuing a bounty mission.

More Rewards​

If you normally have spare time in the game, why not do a bounty mission! You can earn rewards by helping other players, so why not? Accept other players bounty missions and complete them to obtain the bounty mission rewards!
Of course you can’t just accept the bounty mission, every mission has当a specific time. When you accept the mission you’ll need to pay a certain amount of deposit, after you complete the mission you can take the rewards and the deposit back! If you don’t finish the mission in time you won’t get the deposit back.

If you have time, help others complete their missions, if you don’t have time, issue a mission for others to complete.

Dark World​

Event Introduction​

Dark World is one of the events in the event scroll, the monster spawn rate is quite high here and players can level up in here.

Level Required: Lvl 30
Event Mode: Single Player
Event Reward: EXP

Rules Introduction​

1. Players can enter Dark World through the event scroll or the world map, the system will automatically enter the map according to the player's level.
2. Players can use the “Gem Tree Orb” to view and start the training, after you start, killing monsters will give you EXP & SP, can be increased up to 10 times. Every day you can increase 1 hour of training time and accumulate up to 7 hours.
3. On training mode you can use “SP Talisman” and “EXP Talisman” to increase the effect of EXP & SP gain by 100%.

Buried Treasure​

Event Introduction​

The buried treasure is a classic gameplay of talisman, as long as players complete every type of missions, killing monsters will let you obtain treasure maps, later on you can go on a treasure hunt with these maps.

Level Required: Level 40
Event Mode: Single Player
Event Time: Once every week
Event Rewards: Treasure Map, EXP

Rules Introduction​

1. Tap the join event button to auto follow and accept [Buried Treasure] Missions.
2. Complete the missions to obtain treasure maps.
3. Use the treasure map to start auto following the treasure spot.
4. Dig near the treasure spot to obtain various types of rewards.