Talisman Online M Trading System


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Jul 7, 2019
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There are two main trading systems in Talisman Online M: Marketplace and Freely Transaction. Sometimes you have some gears that you don’t need, but you also don’t want to throw it away, in this situation, you need trading systems to help you sell those gears. Let’s see how to use trading systems and help you to achieve profit maximization.


Unlock Marketplace
Marketplace will be unlocked when the character reaches Lvl 20, you will find the icon of “Marketplace” on the top of the interface.

Each type of item is subdivided, and various items can be easily found by clicking the category on the left. Not sure what you need? Just click the category.

After selecting the fine classification, you can also screen the quality, levels, and class more accurately at the top, so that you can find the items more efficient.

When you find the item you need, just click purchase, it will directly send to your bag. Notice: You have to use Silver instead of Bound Silver to purchase items in “Marketplace”.

3. Sell
Right column: Find the sale button, click and switch to the sale interface.
Middle frame: Items for sale will be exhibited here.
Left column: Exhibition of items that can be sold.

Notice: Each character only has 10 stalls to place items for sale.
Click the item you want to sell in the bag on the left column, adjust it to the appropriate selling price, and then click “For Sale”, the item will be exhibited in Marketplace.

Notice: Every time items are put up “For Sale”, the system will charge 1% Bound Silver of the total price as a stall fee.

If the item is successfully sold, the system will charge a fee of 10% of the total amount. Marketplace adopts limit selling time rule, items For Sale will be exhibited 72 hours, then items will be automatically removed from the Marketplace, and you have to manually choose to resell or take off.

4. Take Profit
When items have been sold, you will receive an inform mail from the system, then you can click the “Take Profit” button in Marketplace to receive Silver.

P2P Free Trading​

The Marketplace system can satisfy players' basic trading needs, but the operability is pretty low and does not provide the function of specifying the trading object. Although free trading is not convenient and faster than the Marketplace, it can provide players with freer trading experience.

Free trading requires two traders face-to-face with each other, by clicking "Request Trade" in the other trader’s function bar to start free trading upon mutual agreement.

Please read through following instructions to protect your profits:
1. “P2P Free Trading” system will be opened at Lvl 40;
2. The level difference between two traders must be less than or equal to 10;
3. Tradable items: non-forge and non-cultivated purple or golden equipment, and some shop items;
4. Not allowed to trade if one trader is in another trader’s Blacklist or Enemy list;
5. Items that stack more than1 can be traded up to 100 at a time;
6. Players in different levels have different “Initial Trading Times”.

Every 20 hours you will recover 1 initial trading time, and you won’t recover if you reach the limit. “Monthly Card Holder” can get an extra 1 initial trading time.

Simple operation
The left column shows the items that the player can currently use for trading, while the right side is the transaction bar of both parties, showing trading items from both parties and the remaining trading times. You can check the item details by clicking the magnifying glass button.

After traders place trading items, click the lock button to lock the trading items. After both parties lock trading items, click the Trade button to complete the transaction.

Notice: After successfully trading, the received trading items cannot be traded or sold in the Marketplace within 3 days.