Talisman Online M Want more EXP? You have to read this! One day reach Lvl. 43 or above!


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Jul 7, 2019
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Thanks to this anonymous player for writing this tip, Tom decided to send it out to help more players upgrade smoothly and quickly.

TOM Tabulated

1. After entering the game, pick up the Big Novice Gourd first!
  • One Big Novice Gourd has 20,000 EXP and 13,000 SP.
  • Do not pick up the Novice Gourd, it only has 10,000 EXP and 6,500 SP due to Novice Gourd and Big Novice Gourd share the number of pickups.
  • If there are many people picking the Big Novice Gourd, you can upgrade first, pick up while upgrading.

    Remember: Pick gourd before level 36, you cannot pick it after Lvl 36.
2. Daily pickup limit is less than 30 (I’m not sure, didn’t count), then you can follow the main tasks. Demonic Array will be unlocked when you reach Lvl 15, try to play manually as possible, the higher points you hit, the more EXP you will get.

3. After finishing Demonic Array, continue to do main tasks. You may be stuck when reaching Lvl 38, do not do daily events at this time, to do the Divine Trial and Purgatory Challenge. After completing these two, you can basically reach Lvl 39 or more, then continue to do main tasks. If you stuck again, to do Guild mission and Suppress Fiend, then you can reach Lvl 40 or more.

4. When you reach Lvl 40, finish main tasks first. Then you can complete Divine Battle and Peach Garden to reach Lvl 41. Go to Dark World, use Gem Tree Orb, which can increase EXP, and SP by 10 times, you can easily reach Lvl 42.

5. After finishing main tasks of Lvl 42, complete Buried Treasure to Lvl 43. Then be a Dungeon fighter, challenge Lvl 41 Normal Dungeon as many as you can, one time with 60k EXP (I think the limitation is 30 times, but it shows “Unlimited”, maybe they will fix that).

6. When you reach the limitation of Lvl 41 Normal Dungeon, you can challenge Lvl 41 Hero Dungeon. After finishing all the above tasks, you can easily reach Lvl 43 or more.

All in all, hold main tasks before you can do Dungeons and Heaven Scroll!