Talisman Online M Wicked Fiend Hunt


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Jul 7, 2019
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Some immortals told Tom don’t know how to play Wicked Fiend Hunt. Actually it is very simple to play, and you will gain abundant EXP. Tom prepared this tip to help you, let’s check it out.

Basic Introduction​

Open time: All-day
Activities times: You will obtain EXP and SP in the first 3 times per day of Wicked Fiend Hunt, then you can team up with others to obtain Noble points, you can get up to 250 Noble points every day. The activities times will be refreshed at 5 am daily.

Number of Participants: You can capture wicked fiend alone, or team up with other players.

Wicked Fiend is divided into three ranks: purple, blue, and green. The higher the rank, the higher the experience. Our goal is to quickly find the blue and purple demons.

Where to find: Heavenly Village, Cloud Hill, and Chengdu Suburb.

Wicked Fiend Hunt Status Bar​

In the team state, when the team's goal switching to Wicked Fiend Hunt, a status bar will appear next to the team. You can quickly check the highest quality Wicked Fiend on the current channel in the current map. This is a way to help players quickly locate Wicked Fiend, you can quickly find out whether the current map has the Wicked Fiend you want to find. If the highest quality is Green Wicked Fiend, it means that this map is not worth your time to find.

Switch Channels regularly​

In the map where Wicked Fiends appear, they do not overlap in each channel, so switching channels regularly is also a very important key point. You can find the high-quality demons in the current map in a short period of time by switching the channel.

It is worth noting that there are multiple teams looking for Wicked Fiends in the same scene. When switching the channel, in addition to the highest quality displayed in the status bar, you also need to judge whether the number of people on the channel is large. If a lot of people can be seen while the purple Wicked Fiends appears, then the purple Wicked Fiends in this scene is likely to have been preempted, and you can consider changing to the next channel immediately.

Frequent spots for Wicked Fiends​

In addition to the above two tips, players also need to be familiar with the spots where Wicked Fiends frequently appear, find and gain experience accurately and quickly when confirming that there are high-quality Wicked Fiends on the current map. The Wicked Fiends will be roaming around Heavenly Village, Cloud Hill, and Chengdu Suburb, and the specific locations are as follows:

Cloud Hill

Chengdu Suburb

Heavenly Village

The above are some tips for Wicked Fiends Hunt. Mastering these tips can help you quickly find high-quality Wicked Fiends. Let's hunt!