Talisman Online M World Map Introduction


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Jul 7, 2019
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Talisman OM is based on the original game. This is a continuation of the plot, re-cut of the classic gameplay. The game takes "The Legend of Zu Mountain" as the background story and "Magic weapon" as the core to create a new plot, but also has a grand world view, the game itself has high freedom of custom character cultivation; familiar music that will bring back the memories of the classic Talisman Online.
Talisman OM is an adaptation and continuation of the classic game Talisman Online. Let's venture into the world together!


Dedicated to creating a real Talisman Wuxia world, each map has its unique charm, from flowers, grass, stones and wood, it is composed to seem like a paradise.

[West Continent]​

Chengdu (Main City):
Area Level:Lvl 1
Chengdu is a safe area, located at the south of Cloud Hill, it is currently 《Talisman OM》. In the city you can find the lotus pond, red maple trees, residential areas scattered around the city, a peaceful atmosphere.

Of course, it is not only a trade center and transportation hub, but many of its buildings and structures are designed for suppression, such bright and glowing seven-star array at the center of the plaza. The buried treasure and other daily dungeon quest NPC’s are located at the center of Chengdu, it’s hard to miss them.

Jade Cliff:
Area Level: Lvl 1

Jade Cliff is considered the birth area, must be the most familiar place for every player. Different from the Chengdu Suburbs, at the Jade Cliff summit is like spring all year round, long grass with birds flying around, full of vitality. Jade Cliff is close to Heavenly Village and the rainbow bridge is the only way to get there. All Talisman beginners will cross through here, rushing towards a happy life.

Under the Jade Cliff, which looks calm and peaceful, the blood lord is sealed. You can sense the Blood Lord seal getting loose, unleashing his blood shadow magic, which not only infected the beast in the mountain, but also made the ancient protector Old Name Tree lose consciousness, deep in the Jade Cliff you can also find two mysterious caves.

Heavenly Village:
Area Level: Lvl 10
Monster Level: Lvl 10-15
Heavenly Village was an ordinary village, but ever since the Blood Lord's seal has loosened up, now some areas have been scorched, bandits have wreaked havoc and villagers have disappeared one after another.

The center part of the map is a safe area. The northeast part of the village is connected with the Jade Cliff. The road is occupied by mountain wolves and water monsters. South of the Cloud Hill bandits wreaked havoc, on the way you may also find the missing child. There's a swamp on the west of the village, flying snakes that injured the farmers who are unable to collect medicine. On the east, you will find some demons lurking around that place, nobody dares to go near there, and it is slightly dangerous

Cloud Hill:
Area Level: Lvl 15
Monster Level: Lvl 15-19
Cloud Hill is on the north of Heavenly Village and you will find the bustling city of Chengdu in the south. The hill is full of medicinal herbs and surrounded by green bamboo. However, be careful that snakes are everywhere. There are two safe areas in the map, one on the north where players are teleported when they arrived; and the other one is a small village in the south is a rest area on the way to Chengdu.

There's a tomb at the west part of the map guarded by a large number of snake guards, the deep part of the tomb is very dark and full of plague, dead bodies and coffins, but we don't know what the treasure has hidden inside the snake cave.

Chengdu Suburb:
Area Level: Lvl 20
Monster Level: Lvl 22-28
Chengdu Suburb is close to Chengdu, there’s a safe area in the center and south, in the center there’s two forests, the leaves dye yellow when the autumn comes, every summer and autumn leaves do dyed yellow, slightly depressed, wandering the western wasteland you may see some strange stones and mesona grass. At Chengdu Suburb, the most powerful is the Wei’s Manor and the Blackwind Inn; there have been many years of infighting between good and evil, between the west and the east.

Deep in the Blackwind Inn, there are shinny crescent moon pieces; players may experience this wonderful scenario in the main mission.

Blazing Grotto:
Area Level: Lvl 30
Monster Level: Lvl 31-40
Blazing Grotto as the name suggest, is a place where blazing rocks and maples are everywhere, rolling magma, in the north you can find Chengdu Suburb and Osmanthus Hill, both safe areas are located in the north.

In the middle of the map there is a lava cave, with fiery red lava streaming down it. South of the map the road is rough and lava erupts. Along the way, many magic spiders, soldiers, demon troops have occupied a place near Osmanthus Hill, waiting for the heroes to eradicate them. Due to the small safe areas in the fire cave, players should also be careful of being attacked by other players when going AFK.

Dark World:
Area Level: Lvl 30
The Dark World is a place where players go AFK, but don’t get your eyes off for a second! Since you’re AFK is full of wild monsters, there’s only one platform considered as a safe area.

But standing in this platform you’ll get the best view in the entire map.

Osmanthus Hill:
Area Level: Lvl 40
Monster Level: Lvl 41-49
Osmanthus Hill with green grass and fragrant flowers, you’ll feel like your body is being purified. The houses here are amongst the old trees that reach the sky, and the original trees formed another village. Living in here seems like living in a fairy forest. The vines wrapped the tree trunk crisscrossing building a gorgeous ceiling; not only they keep you cool from the sun, but also bring a bursts of fragrance.

Hidden among the flowers and green trees there’s a large house, from the outside looks dull, but once you enter you’ll find an ingenious puppet guard, this puppet is devoted to studying the mecha puppets that live in this area of the Osmanthus Hill who later becomes a risk factor of this place.

Snow Mt. Village:
Area Level: Lvl 50
Monster Level: Lvl 51-58
When you level up to Lvl 50 you can enter this map. The piercing wind blows all day long, as the name implies, it snows all day long.

The roofs of the houses, the tops of the pine trees are covered in white snow. In this harsh environment, but in the pond that never freezes you can hear the cold wind blowing.

Gloom Hill:
Area Level: Lvl 60
Monster Level: Lvl 60-64
Gloom Hill is full of dangers, lost wandering souls roaming freely, although it may seem quiet everywhere, but there’s always the opportunity to kill. A big sword hangs on top of the cliff, with dark red patterns flowing, like he entrance of hell. Along the road to the cave there’s planted plum trees all around, when the wind blows plum petals scatter on the ground covering the mountain road.

Gloom Hill is located in the south side of Chengdu, together with many evil spirits that oppress the villagers of the bear village. The wraith grotto is hidden deep in the gloom hill’s forest, after the snail hill in the Asura palace was cleared the rest of the demons scattered and fled into the cave. The heroes will once again gather and go in the wraith grotto to defeat those runaway demons.