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Discussion in 'Gaming Events' started by xero, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. xero

    xero Paradox Personified

    I found out today from my contacts that Tamago the Live Streaming platform is shutting down or closing its operations, as for the credibility of my sources it seems this are legit claims, for legal concerns I wont be naming them.


    So why what's the deal? Here is what the inside story in regards to the company.

    First is the growth, Tamago is not growing as a live streaming platform since there is very huge competition, for example, Nimo TV, Facebook and Twitch.

    Then its also mentioned that streamers are faking their completion hours by re-uploading pre-recorded videos, this resulted on fake engagements from streamers and the viewer.

    Additionally is according to the source, a 15millions USD company funds were stolen in the China office. Lastly, all contracts for all Filipino live streamers have also been terminated according to our source.

    Update: Tamago Public Announcement


    1. How will the closure of Tamago impact existing streamers and users?
    Streaming and viewing capabilities will still function from now until 31 December 2018. However, buying of T-coins will cease immediately. We are very thankful and appreciate your support for Tamago.

    2. What happens to streamers’ earnings?
    We will endeavour to pay out gifts received before 8 December 2018 subject to the current term & condition. Any gifts received after that date will not be paid out as Tamago is winding down its operations and going through its closure process. It will be unable to support any more withdrawals after the mentioned date. We appreciate your kind understanding on this matter.

    3. What happen to the users’ existing gifts?
    Due to the current circumstance, the company is unable to support refunds for coins leftover. You are encouraged to spend all your T-coins on gifts. Gifting will continue until 7 December 2018 only, a final chance to support your favourite streamers. As we close the business operations, it will be impossible for any gifts remaining after the date to be paid out. We appreciate your kind understanding on this matter.

    This is the current information I have regarding Tamago shutdown if anyone in the community knows more kindly reply in the comments.
  2. Zethro

    Zethro Elite Gamer

    I wouldnt be surprised if NimoTV would shutdown next. The chinese type of streaming isnt compatible with the Philippine market. First they have to see who their audience which are peenoise kids with no jobs or even access to internet.

    So how can you charge people who cant afford your demonetization. RIP TAMAGO
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  3. DukeNuker

    DukeNuker Newbie Gamer


    Agree with everything you said.

    Most of the streamers from TAMAGO are probably gonna stream now on Facebook or YouTube.
  4. Missy

    Missy Newbie Gamer

    So sad. I didnt know that they terminated ph streamers contract. I completed my 100 hours before december. And our manager is not updating us, if we can still get our first salary here. Is there any of you already received payments from tamago? I just want to know if i am waiting for nothing? Thank you so much.
  5. Bocar

    Bocar Casual Gamer

    based from this you wont get any payment anymore
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