Tame Ancient Monsters and Save Your Continent At StoneAge World Available Now on Android

Netmarble has released yet again another interesting gem in the form of StoneAge World; a turn-based MMORPG that gives a one-of-a-kind flavors to your usual monster-collecting genre. It's like a whole new Pokemon done in pre-historic time with cute and ferocious monster roaming the land and waiting for you to catch them all.

The game takes you to the open-world continent of Tectonika. Here you will explore the vast island which offers different sets of missions and different monster to tame. As the prophesized hero, it is your job to stop one who is about to revive the Machine Life once more that once put the whole Tectonika in a nearly apocalyptic era.

Since it is an MMORPG, you can still customize your main character will a variety of clothes, weapons, and accessories all with the pre-historic aesthetic. But mostly, you will busy collecting and upgrading your ancient monster to create your best team to defeat other players or the villains of the game along the way. Each monster divided into elemental affinity and possesses Super Skills that you can unleash once you fill their energy level during combat. Catching them can be done using a Quick Catch system or fight them head-on until you lower their HP until you can use your Mystical Rope to catch them.

What's good about battling them is that you can have the chance to catch a rare monster using this method. If by chance they will try running away from combat, you use the item Fence to prevent them from spoiling your monster-catching session. You can also acquire new pets via egg hatching which allows you to experience becoming a breeder at the same time.

Besides the PVE that will you into an island-hopping adventure, the game also has PVP features to test your team against other players who aspire to become the king of ancient monsters. There is also a 100 Floor Cave where each level has a monster tamer waiting for you to challenge. Finishing all the floors can have you the chance to acquire super rare monsters to add to your party.

StoneAge World is now available at Google Play and you can download it for free. To those who pre-registered before its launching, you can claim a huge amount of in-game rewards to give you an edge in the game.