TapTap 2020 Conference Introduces New and Exciting Games For Android/iOS

Chinese-based app site TapTap which is for the most part is the go-to place for anyone who wanted to download mobile games in APK format has released its very own conference just a couple of days ago online. The 30 mins. conference showcase dazzling roster of Android and iOS games that will about to hit the market soon.

The good news is that some of them are already available to download now even in Google Play and Apple Store.

Since we can't missed new titles for us to share it with you, here are definite highlights of the said conference that will totally blow you away. From the new spin-off of Torchlight IP game down to a Studio Ghibli-inspired life sime game, here are the best of the best from TapTap 2020 Conference.

Pascal's Wager.png

Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager is a premium action game now available in Google Play and features crisp graphics with themes and aesthetics that reminisce the Dark Souls game. Each of the characters is upgradeable and also there is an upcoming update for PVP features in this game.

Super Anime Royale.jpg

Super Anime Royale

From PC and now to mobile, Super Anime Royale is about to launch its CBT on July 17 with its full launch expected in the 4th quarter of 2020. The game features gun-totting 2D animals in a battle royale madness where instead of a big plane, they will drop in the map via a large avian.

Torchlight Infinite.jpg

Torchlight: Infinite

The diablo-style Torchlight game will have a new spin-off with a cool Unreal Engine 4 that will make it so good in your mobile phones. It also boasts of 10 heroes with varying skill trees that you can customize. This single-player RPG may take its time for its final phase since the game test is scheduled to start on 2021.

Devil May Cry Pinnacle of Combat.jpg

Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat

The new installment of DmC is already available for the Chinese region and Tencent's seems to manage successfully to translate the hack and slash combo of the former console-based classic in the game. Pinnacle of Combat brings the old-school mechanics of DmC with the same gripping story of Dante and new characters to watch out for.

Genshin Impact.jpg

Genshin Impact

One of the games that creates a hype all over in the net is Genshin Impact which is about to be launched during the fall of 2020. The game is a stylized open-world RPG where you control 4-man team with each having varied elemental affinities. A total of 30 heroes can be unlocked along the way in the game.

Komori Life.jpg

Komori Life

Komori Life is a fun and cute life simulator that combines the artsy Studio Ghibli visuals and the addictive gameplay of Harvest Moon where you farm, take care of the herd animals and even join a beetle fight. It is slated for release for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Another Eden The Cat Beyond Time and Space.jpg

Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space

Another JRPG that follows the same vein of Chrono Trigger, Another Eden is a single-player premium RPG with its story written by JRPG maestro Masata Kato with Mitsuda Yasunori handling the orchestral main theme. It is currently available now on Google Play.

Moonlight Blade.jpg

Moonlight Blade

Moonlight Blade banks o kung fu theme visuals and combat with dazzling graphics with a few Sandbox elements. It was released before in 2015 but now grace the mobile platform with its final test to be launched in August for its official release later this 2020. It also offers new content such as maps and even new structures/buildings to build.