Tartaglia (Childe) Guide, Melee or Ranged? Your Choice!

I have never been engrossed with a male character as much as I did with Childe. I usually chase waifus here and there in the games I have played and have paid little to no interest that much in the males unless they have a cool play style or their background, is something I can relate to.


But someone I want to be like if given a chance, that's something I rarely find in games. Well, I guess Childe or should I say Tartaglia caught my attention, and let me tell you, I have to spend some of my money in the game, yes, I guess I am a bit of a whale now. Sorry, Childe is just too cool to just pass up! Anyways, I've been gathering information here and there so let's talk about Childe's kit and how it works.


Like what we said in the banner article we made last Monday, Childe's kit consists of 2 forms that you can switch over depending on the need. The bow has a charged shot which inflicts the passive and when you hit it again with the bow, deals more damage because of the passive that is applied, switching to a melee stance cause you to be able to move and hit quickly changes how the passive works. However, by using the elemental skill, be wary of the long cooldown, if you stay in the melee stance for too long, you will be granted a long cooldown which might hinder your ability to play versatile. Remember to switch weapons from time to time to avoid suffering from the cooldown.


As for his elemental burst, if you can recharge the energy quickly as possible, you can start from a ranged burst which refills your burst again in half, gain more energy, switch to melee stance, and do the melee burst. This will cause those who have the passive to gain more damage due to having the mark on them before the melee burst. It's a long list of things to do for a simple trick but if you succeed, it inflicts PAIN.


Now, for the weapons, you cannot go wrong with the Skyward Harp, this weapon has a sub-stat of critical rate which definitely impacts the way you play Childe. As Childe, one of the talents that he benefits from more crit rate, so Skyward Harp is the best weapon for him. But of course, since you may not have those, here are some alternatives.


The Viridescent Hunt is great as well, with crit rate as its second stat, the passive works in his melee stance so you can gather the enemies a bit before you do the melee burst which is amazing to see!


Other than that, Rust can definitely work as its passive can be used in melee stance. However, if you really do not have these weapons, Slingshot can serve you well as a F2P option for Childe.


For artifacts, make sure to get any ATK% or Crit Rate% for Childe. He will be your main DPS or your assist in terms of role, however, if you want to be a little bit more... unique.


Try the Retracing Bolide for Childe, as per Zy0x's, as long as you have someone who can provide a shield to your team, you will be stronger in dealing damage across the board. After all, there is no hydro set for Childe and his melee stance only deals Hydro DMG, it will be tough to enhance it further other than artifacts with Hydro DMG%+.

Of course, it goes without saying that leveling his talents are necessary to have the optimal usage of his abilities. Still, I just tried him at base level 1 talent, and he wipes the floor easily!


Well, there you have it. I definitely enjoyed using him and will probably be added to my abyss team when I finish building him. Definitely an aniki I want to have and I aspire to be HAHAHA. Well, tell us your thoughts if you have Tartaglia in the comments and join the Genshin Impact discussion to know more!