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Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the Teacher confiscating Mobile Phones of students playing mobile legends during class, RoS Epic Clash Mode anti cheating update and dev Q&A, PUBG ban and Arrest in India, Devil May Cry Mobile Pinnacle of Combat, Dota Auto Chess Mobile, Mobile Legends Desert Tyrant Khufra, and Halo coming to PC

Teacher Confiscates Phones

  • Apparently pinoy kids are not focusing as much in school this days
  • and due to popularity of mobile games lots of kids are playing not only during their free time but also during classes
  • So due to this a Filipino Teacher “Lady Majalia Amor Diaz” took matters into her own hands
  • as she started confiscating the students mobile phones who are playing mobile legends during class
  • buti nga sa inyo
  • This is what she said on her facebook post
  • “I caught them playing ML during class, I confiscated their phones and watched their heroes lose in front of them.”
  • o diba ibang level not sure if may umiyak lol
  • She also added
  • “I don't know if it is the hero who lose the game (since I am not a fan of online games), but one thing is for sure: NABABAWASAN ANG STAR NILA kapag na defeat sila Maluhaluha sila e. Ulitin nyo pa ha”
  • based from this statement she is not a fan of online games pero shes a fan of the welfare and education of her students
  • kudos sa inyo madam, and para sa mga studyanteng matigas ulo, uulitin ko buti nga sa inyo
  • however not all is sunshine and rainbows
  • because apparently majority of the internet trolls / bata are not happy and condemning this action
  • here is what some said
  • “Pasikat kang teacher ka? Kulang sa pansin?”
  • “Kupal si ma'am hindi niya alam ang pakiramdam ng isang manlalaro”
  • “Para namang di nakaranas ng pagkabata”
  • “Nagpasikat kanaman eh. Ikaw na teacher ka.!”
  • “Maam boring ka siguro magturo. Haha”
  • at madaming pang walang kwentang comments
  • actually ayon sa teacher ung mga studyanteng na confiscatan ay di nagalit pero dahil facebook daming haters
  • payo lang mga bata di madaling maging guro tao lang tayo ginagawa lang nya trabahao nya
  • at kung tutuusin hindi para sakanya to kung para sa kinabukasan nyo!
  • However the most important this is what do you think let us know the comments

PUBG M Ban in India
  • Ok world news namin tayo
  • Apparently PUBG and PUBG M is being banned in India and several violators are being arrested with a fine and a 1 month jail sentence
  • wait what?
  • According to the reports the games are being demonized by the local police and parents
  • wow conspiracy
  • currently the ban is only Gujarat India but its speculated to spread on other cities in india as well
  • so why is this happening?
  • well according to the reports this due to concerns of "behaviour, conduct and language" of those playing
  • so basically they are banning the game because players are toxic / cancer
  • imagine this happening in the philippines
  • holding cells will be filled with kids, actually kita kita tayo dun
  • so what do you think the main reason is? is it because the authorities can get a chicken dinner?
  • so parang ganito, na frying pan ako sa muka ni legend27 tara arestuhin natin haha

Halo PC
  • later this 2019 the Halo Master Chief Collection along with Halo Reach is coming 2019
  • players can get them in the Windows Store or Steam
  • to those who don't know The Master Chief Collection originally contained Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4
  • according to the reports the PC version players will be able to play all the dlc without paying for the content
  • So far the only game not included is the Halo 5 so hopefully they add it as well or maybe they are planning to sell this separately
  • whichever it is this is a good opportunity for newcomers like me to play Halo since i never owned an xbox to begin with

DMC Mobile

  • Who plays devil may cry here?
  • well good news because the Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat teased new images for their upcoming new mobile dmc game
  • and so far its looking “stylish”
  • to those who dont know the DMC mobile was first announced back in december 2017
  • and is being developed by a Chinese developer called Yunchang Game
  • according to the reports the mobile version will remain faithful to the main series with aerial combos and combination of other weapons and skills
  • the game will also allow players to switch between locked and unlocked camera views
  • as of now there is currently no launch schedule for the game
  • however according to the reports a test will begin this year

Dota Auto Chess Mobile

  • In the past few days Dota Auto Chess gained alot of traction in fact in just a weeks this new mod managed to reach 6 million players at the time of this writing
  • Due to its popularity Drodo studios along with the publisher of Dragon Nest announced the mobile version
  • actually you can now pre register right now
  • unfortunately it's currently on chinese right now
  • the Auto Chess Mobile released by Drodo seemingly no longer feature Dota 2 Background
  • additionally, according to the reports valve is trying to get the their hands on Auto Chess and according to the Chinese government database
  • there are already 10 business who applied to trademark the game
  • one of them is the gaming giant Tencent whom you may know as the owner of Riot Games, developer of League of Legends
  • so there might be multiple companies releasing their own version of dota 2 mod auto chess with their own variation
  • So basically if you don't know Dota Auto Chess mod
  • its backstory is like how warcract became dota because of mods and now dota 2 to auto chess

Mobile Legends Desert Tyrant Khufra
  • Last March 12 Mobile Legends released their new Hero Desert Tyrant Khufra
  • so lets do a quick summary of the skills and abilities
  • first off Khufra is a tank hero who specializes in Crowd Control and Initiator
  • hes first skill is Tyrants revenge
  • where he pulls a bandage on his arm to launch in a specified direction where he deals physical damage
  • note that this ability can be charged so the longer you charge the more effective the knock off effect
  • next is the skill bouncing ball
  • here khufra wraps himself with bandage to create a bouncing ball that increases hes physical and magic defense
  • then enemies hit by the bouncing ball will be damaged by magic damage and reduce movement speed
  • while the enemies using any blink skill will be knocked off
  • then finally hes ultimate Tyrants Rage
  • here Khufra pulls his enemy to hes front then he deals physical damage to all of them while slowing them down for several seconds
  • for his passive, Spell Curse which increases the basic attacks range for several seconds dealing magic damage while Khufra heals hp
  • so thats it what do you think?
  • bibili ba kayo?

RoS Devs Q and A

  • After the launch of the Copy Paste Epic Clash Mode cheaters have been more apparent, so in a recent Survivor news the anti cheating was updated again according the ros devs
  • here is what they said
  • “We have optimized the ability for the new "Epic Clash Mode" to work with the Anti-Cheating System”
  • they also added to continue reporting cheaters in the game
  • then additionally the devs did a Q and A for Epic Clash mode, here is our take and summary
  • first question “Epic Clash looks so much different from the original mode, why do want to create this mode?”
  • so basically the game mode is different which we pointed out last time the game mode is like Fortnite and Apex Legends
  • So what's the dev answer? eto
  • “We want to make innovation based on the original game characteristics and existing battle royale structure”
  • oo nga naman base talaga sa ibang battle royal games
  • the also added that apparently there is a strong negative experience in death
  • sino nga naman di mababadtrip makakapatay sayo cheater, pero their solution is to copy apex legends lol
  • then as for the building mechanics well according to them this is “to make the game strategic oriented”
  • and to copy fornite haha
  • ok next question “can you show us the design ideas of the gameplay”
  • ok honestly this isn't a question of a player this question and answer is becoming more scripted
  • ok balik tayo, eto sagot nila
  • “the core is players can strengthen their abilities … bla bla bla”
  • so not sure if they got the question because thats not an answer
  • eto bigyan namin kayo ng sagot “the design ideas came from fortnite and apex legends period”
  • The 3rd question asks why some mobile devices does not support the ultra version and will there be improvements for low end devices?
  • So what's there answer? eto
  • “to make the game run smoother we re now trying hard to fix lags”
  • sa balik tayo ulit sa tanong, magkakaron ba ng ultra version sa lite?
  • eto sagot nila
  • “we are trying to simplify the gmaes contents to make it liter. YOu can expect lite version”
  • So basically their answer sa Ultra Version is Lite version
  • makes no sense diba pwede namang sinagato na hindi or wala
  • then finally is the question “there are some bugs in the game. can you our reports?”
  • and for their answer is very generic
  • so di na namin babasahin
  • and thats it what do you think of the nonsens q and a? is this scripted let us know in the comments

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