Team Comps in Genshin Impact for Domains PC PlayStation iOS Android 

You always wonder how people can clear difficult levels of domains, especially when things go rough in the deeper world ranks. Well, it's quite simple really. You just need to have cooperative teammates and diverse rosters each so you can switch up the situation when certain people lack a certain character. Let's discuss team compositions.


Handling Domains

Artifact Farming is a thing that people usually do in AR45 and above when you unlock the last stage of the Artifact Domains and guarantees a gold every time that you finish a stage. While the luck of getting a godly artifact is slim, the chance of getting one to be the BiS (best in slot) for a character is rewarding and dopamine-rushing at its best! So make sure that you have the proper team composition in these areas.

Main DPS

It is a no-brainer to bring a main DPSer into an artifact farming run as it will be the most important piece in the run. They will be the ones that will bring the pain in the enemies and will constantly need a supporting heal or a swirl that will make them their ultimate to clear a wave or kill an enemy. The usual characters that are in this position are Diluc, Razor, Klee, and Tartaglia.


Support DPS/Element Reaction DPS

These units meanwhile can bring damage to their kit but they have a better reason why they are there. It is to proc the elemental damage that you can bring in a domain to kill off enemies quickly. While sometimes these roles are disregarded for another DPS unit due to the Leyline Disturbances or the specific buff and debuff rules in the domain, it is still usually regarded when it can be mitigated by the team. Units such as Fischl, Keqing, and Chongyun bring their elements to complement the main damage dealer and finish off enemies quickly.



They are vital and very much so needed. Supports are those who can bring an interesting slice in the medley of the team. These are usually anemo characters or geo characters that can flip the tide of the battle with their supportive skills and abilities that can help the team in clearing a wave or offering defensive buffs to the team with their crystalize effects. Characters such as Venti, Jean, Sucrose, Noelle, and Ningguang can fit these roles beautifully.



We always need Mercy, but she's in a different game. Healers have a simple role and that is to make sure that everyone is alive and well. Domain monsters are not pushovers and they can hurt the team especially if the team disregards the leyline disturbances in each domain and just go berserk in each fight. Healers will mitigate these effects usually to bring home the bacon with their team. Barbara, Jean, Qiqi, and Diona fit perfectly in this category.


Should these be uniform?

Heck no, remember that proper coordination still matters more to the team rather than following a strict composition. Some teams have the limitation of leveling the same characters so it can be a detriment in doing so. If you have a circle with proper coordination and decent set-ups that can work despite not following these roles, then be our guest and do it. It is still best to have both though to ensure victory in the farming runs.


Well, with these compositions, you usually are to be victorious in your artifact runs, just make sure to do your roles well and artifacts and other domain rushes will be easy wins for you and your team. So level, artifact, and talent skills ups and own the game. For more Genshin Impact discussion, join the discussion here!