Team Liyab by Mineski and Globe, PUBG Lite Beta PH Schedule and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Mineski and Globe Telecom new esports team Liyab! PUBG Lite Beta Philippines beta schedule, Philippines Pro Gaming League 2019, Call Of Duty Mobile battle royale mode, Apex Legends, Anthem post launch and endgame details , League of Legends content creation tool replay system, and Castlevania Grimoire of Souls.

Liyab eSports Team

  • In a recent update Mineski and Globe Telecom have joined forces to create a new eSports team called Liyab
  • According to Mineski, Team Liyab will be debuting several teams and players on top esports games across the globe
  • so we can expect new aov, hearthstone, and lol teams
  • Here is a statement from Globes President Ernest Cu
  • “Liyab will be the symbol of the country’s burning passion and pride in global esports events. Liyab, which translates to ‘Blaze,’ represents the team’s intense passion and focus in the realm of esports”
  • cool
  • He also added that they will improve globe telecoms service in the country specially the internet connect, joke he didn't say that!
  • but he mentioned that esports is now like real sports and that they will be focusing on the esports athlete in terms of physical wellness, nutrition, discipline and cognitive development
  • nako baka may physical training na
  • Mineski also emphasized they will continue to shape the local esports industry in terms of having professional standards for pro players
  • shots fired kay Kuku
  • anyways what do you think about this new team let us know in the comments!

PUBG Lite Beta

  • Para sa unang update ngayong linggo!
  • ukang ibang putukan ang magaganap sa valentines kaya cancel nyo na mga date nyo!
  • because if you remember last week we talked about that PUBG lite beta is coming to Philippines
  • but now we have additional information because the registration is open and the PUBG lite beta will begin on Feb 14
  • h diba di kapa gagastos!
  • lso the PUBG Lite version can be downloaded earlier on Feb 13
  • nako RoS ano gagawin nyo
  • To those who don't know PUBG lite is a town down version of PUBG with some players saying that the graphics is basically like PUBG mobile
  • and like the mobile this free to play version will have micro transactions
  • ng PUBG lite ay tatakbo bastat meron kang minimum requirements na
  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 na 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 2.4GHz
  • RAM na 4GB
  • GPU na Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • at HDD: 4GB
  • So there you go see on feb 14 kasi wala din akong date haha

Philippines Pro Gaming League 2019
  • the new season of the Philippines Pro Gaming League 2019 will begin with a massive 1.3 million php prize pool split in different categories
  • The PGL 2019 will have matches for League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Rules of Survival (mobile), and Tekken 7
  • The first first qualifiers will begin around feb up to march while the grand finals will happen on April 6-7
  • Currently there is no venue for the grand finals however the match will be broadcasted live

Call Of Duty Mobile BR

  • According to Reddit user shadohunter3321 the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile game called “Call of Duty: Legends of War” might get a battle royale mode
  • this new game mode was hinted on the new test called “Code Black” which if you remember the it sounds like Blackout, the Battle Royale mode for PC and Consoles
  • honestly this isn't surprising anymore due to the popularity of the game mode plus remember Tencent also released PUBG M
  • To those who don't know Call of Duty Legends of War is a CoD game by Activision and Tencent
  • The game is currently on Alpha with multiplayer and zombies mode, surprisingly the game actually looks good compared to other mobile shooters, hopefully it runs on 60fps haha
  • There are also iconic characters like Ghost from Modern Warfare with perks and skills
  • Unfortunately the Alpha is only available on Australia's Play Store and Taptap

Apex Legends
  • Seemingly out of nowhere Apex Legends was dropped with no marketing involved
  • This new free to play battle royale game is developed by Respawn Entertainment whom you may know from Titanfall
  • and within 72 hours of release the game managed to gained 10m players with 1m concurrent players
  • wow
  • The game also peaked 500,000 viewers on twitch when it was released
  • To those who don't know Apex Legends is a free to play BR game that you can download on Origin for free
  • currently there is no cross platform
  • The game has a unique spin on the battle royale genre where characters have special abilities for combat
  • which surprisingly works very well specially on a well coordinated team
  • since its a free to play game there are loot boxes and micro transactions which are optional
  • according to respawn they want Apex Legends to be a 10 year game
  • So far on our gameplay impression the game runs smoothly and well designed as the colors aren't muted
  • So if you are interested you can download it for free on all major platforms

Anthem Endgame

  • In a recent twitter post the post launch and endgame details for Anthem have been revealed
  • According to Anthems Lead Producer Ben Irving the post campaign narrative “Act 1: Echoes of Reality” will kick off with a March 2019 update which is to be followed by Ac2 and 3
  • The echoes of reality will include a new cataclysm event, contracts, freeplay, a new stronghold, some quality life improvements
  • To those who don't know strongholds are basically like boss raids if you compare it o MMO’s
  • While the Cataclysm are limited time world events which will introduce new creatures and extreme weather
  • while contracts will allow players to increase reputation points on different factions to gain access to crafting blueprints
  • So if you are interested Anthem will be available this Feb 22 for PS4 Xbox and PC via Origin

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls
  • In a recent earnings call Konami announced that it plans to launch the Castlevania mobile game Grimoire of Souls this 2019
  • the new game will be available for both iOS and Android globally
  • To those who don't know Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls will feature a classic 2d side scrolling game with monsters and characters in 3d model
  • so parang 2.5d
  • the game will also have a coop online play of up to 4 players
  • it's currently unknown if the game would be free to play but hopefully it would be

League Replay and Update
  • Good news for league content creators because Riot games recently announced its content creation tools called the League of Legends replay system
  • Part of the new system is the League Director where you can access the timeline, camera movement, video exporting and element visibility for in game replays
  • The system will also be open source meaning devs can add modify the features and share their own version
  • The new tool is expected to be released along with Patch 9.4 based from Riots announcement
  • Additionally Riot games plan to add more weakness and vulnerabilities on champions this 2019
  • meaning is there will be more counterplays this is in response to champions being too strong