Team SMG GC hailed as champions in the VALORANT APAC Game Changers

During the VALORANT APAC Game Changers, Team SMG GC has proven themselves as the best once again after dominantly reigning in the event, securing a three-peat in all of this year’s Game Changer Opens with a thirty match win streak

team smg.png

The team’s amazing accomplishment started when they won against ADE Serein during the first GC 2023 APAC Open and the 30th win that cemented them as the best of the best is when they won over RRQ Kaguya with a 3-0 sweep in the grand final of the VALORANT Game Changers 2023 Asia Pacific: Open 3. The win also gave them their third straight GC 2023 APAC Open trophy.

Currently, TEAM SMG GC has a total of 300 points in the current APAC standings for the VALORANT Game Changers, enough points for them to qualify for this year’s Game Changer APAC Elite.

The incredible players who makes up Team SMG GC’s roster are the Singaporean pro Abigail “Kohaibi” Kong, former Bren Victress players Alexy Francisco and Kelly “shirazi” Jaudian, former ZOL Meraki player Camille “Kamiyu” Enriquez, and two players from the legendary Alter Ego Celeste roster Odella “enerii” Abraham and Ryona Shannen “Tara” Tan.