Team XKiller and Team 4Kings disqualified in RGS


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Jul 19, 2018
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We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a fair and level playing field in order to showcase the high level of skill and sportsmanship of the Rules of Survivor Global Series.

It has come to our attention that unsportsmanlike behavior was displayed during the SEA Regional Clash (Week 2, Day 2, Round 3). The parties involved include AjlxKiller (XKiller), BoyxKiller (XKiller), and [4K] Nial X (4Kings). As agreed to by all teams upon participation, any violation of the RGS rules and regulations may result in a team’s disqualification from the current roster and its place in the competition forfeit.

-5. Team Member Conduct
If player breach games’ user agreement within tournament or leveraged any plug-ins or similar methods to gain unfair advantages, League officials may disqualify the offending player and team, suspension may be applied too. League reserves the right to determine unfair advantage.

- AjlxKiller (XKiller), BoyxKiller (XKiller), and [4K] Nial X (4Kings) have violated Rule 5
- Team XKiller and Team 4Kings are immediately disqualified from the current SEA series

Team and players are expected to perform to the best of their abilities and without the aid of third party applications, plug-ins, or outside interference. Any behavior inconsistent with the principles of good sportsmanship as well as honest & fair play will be deemed in violation of the rules of RGS. All decisions with regards to punishment for violations are at the sole discretion of RGS officials.

- ROS Global Series Committee

Patch Notes_October 24, 2018

1. New Content:
- New automated-door feature added. Players can switch between automated and manual door settings on the left of the open door button. Default setting is manual. When the automated door feature has been activated, doors will open automatically when in close proximity to doors. Doors do not close automatically. Players can change default settings in the Settings menu;
- This week's Gold Mode is Battle of Spear and Shield, which is jampacked with shotguns and shields;
- The First Top-up event has ended. Players can no longer get the First Top-up Reward for the first-time top ups but can still get Monthly Offer Rewards;
- Zombie mode is back! Play as a zombie and lock horns with the humans!

2. Experience Optimization:
- Adjusted the stats of ACR and AR15 rifles: increased the vertical recoil limit and reduced the vertical recoil and horizontal recoil of each shot;
- Adjusted the stats of Vector and PP19 SMGs: increased the vertical recoil limit and reduced the vertical recoil of each shot; - Optimized the visual effects of DSR-1's night vision;
- Movement speed for characters has been increased slightly;
- Improved vehicle explosion effects. Some vehicles that have been destroyed will continue to burn;
- Improved window vaulting, making it easier to vault narrow windows.

3. Optimized UI:
- Modified the UI layout of the lobby. The Events, Welfare, Lucky Carnival and Share icons can still be found in the top-right corner of the screen. The Weekend Rush, Monthly Offers, Amazing, etc icons have been moved to the top-left of the lobby interface. Only three icons will be shown together and the rest hidden. Players need to tap to reveal hidden icons.

4. Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the disparity in range of visibility between the steam server and PC.

-The Rules of Survival Development and Community Team