Teemo Brings Lunar New Year Cheer to League of Legends: Wild Rift!

Teemo, marksman extraordinaire from League of Legends: Wild Rift, brings his Lunar New Year greetings to players with a series of in-game events and festive celebrations across the region.


Players will have a whole range of options to get involved with their favourite Lunar New Year champions and usher the dawn of the new year with Wild Rift. From in-game contests to activations in their local cities, there is something to look out for both online and offline!

“Lunar New Year is one of the biggest cultural celebrations worldwide, and is especially important to us in Asia. We are always working to bring memorable experiences to our players and are excited to share what we have in store for this Lunar New Year. We hope players enjoy these special activities and that the in-game events in Wild Rift will bring a sense of family and community to our players during this festive season, whether or not we are able to gather fully in person,” said Nelson Woon, Brand Manager for Wild Rift, Riot Games Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Sett Lunar Greeting_landscape.jpg

Huat, two, three, four. Teemo fans, rejoice!

It is all about the gift of giving for this Lunar New Year! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting giveaways during this festive period and do not miss the chance to win some highly-sought after in-game prizes! This will be your chance to get your hands on some Lunar New Year rewards and hunt down Teemo on his Treasure Trek!

Teemo’s Treasure Trek

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Firecracker Teemo will be giving away his Lucky 8 Treasure Box, along with 8,888 Wild Cores to one lucky player in SEA! The Swift Scout wanted to share more of his new year's blessings so he'll also be giving away 8,888 Wild Cores to four other players.

Teemo will be making his presence felt at popular shops across the region. Known for their delicious confectionery, these shops are hot favorites for their Lunar New Year snacks as well. Fans can look out for Teemo at these secret locations and follow the contest mechanics posted on their local Wild Rift Facebook pages to score prizes.

Sett’s Lunar Greeting & Dance Challenge

#SettLunarGreeting is a video greeting that can be used to personalize well wishes for players’ loved ones, through a fusion of dance moves inspired by lunar traditions. From January 31, fans can participate in a Sett-inspired dance challenge on social media for a chance to win special festive vouchers!

Hotpot Showdown_landscape.jpg

What’s Cooking for Reunion Dinner?

Don’t forget to join Teemo in the very first Wild Rift #HotpotShowdown! Watch as beloved Taiwanese streamers including 恩熙俊, 尼克, 統神, 小葵, 湯米, 6TAN, 小草, 艾瑞斯, 重量級-家寧 and 重量級-ANDY battle on the Rift to earn the best ingredients for a sumptuous reunion hotpot meal. Streamer teams have to slay objectives, complete hidden missions, and destroy the Nexus to snag their choice of ingredients for the most sumptuous reunion hotpot dinner! Catch the broadcast on 6 Feb, 8:00PM GMT+8 on the following Wild Rift Taiwan channels: Facebook, YouTube and Twitch

From the comfort and safety of their homes, fans will be able to join in the fun by participating in quizzes that could earn them in-game goodies, including 888 Wild Cores and a Firecracker skin bundle! This fun twist will spread festive cheer among players and inject local flavour to Wild Rift.

For full activity details and more on what else you can expect before, during and after Lunar New Year, do not forget to check out Wild Rift’s Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam Facebook pages.

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