TeeTiny Online a MMORPG game by Smilegate Megaport has just opened another round of CBT

TeeTiny Online, Smilegate Megaport's most recent MMORPG for the PC and Android platform, has just begun a new round of CBT. There are no plans to include iOS users in the beta test even though the game will also be available for iOS. In any case, you can play the game once again till July 7, 2022.


A fresh trailer was also unveiled, showcasing the game's gameplay, features, and setting, which includes elements like gardening, home construction, and distinctive clothing


TeeTiny Online is a multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is available worldwide on a single server. Real-time combat, cross-platform play across cellphones and computers, and classes based on the weapon you choose are all features of the anime-styled MMORPG. The game even has a real-time translation function to make it easier to communicate with people from across the world.




You can participate in the Closed Beta Test now by going to the official website!