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f - tap forward once d/f - tap down/forward once
b - tap backwards once d/b - tap down/back once
d - tap down once u/f - tap up/forward once
u - tap up once u/b - tap up/back once

F - Hold stick forward D/F - Hold stick down/forward
B - Hold stick back D/B - Hold stick down/back
D - Hold stick down U/F - Hold stick up/forward
U - Hold stick up U/B - Hold stick up/back

N - Neutral joystick position (Joystick is centered and not touched)
SS - Short Sidestep (u,N or d,N)
QCF - Quarter circle forward (Circle stick from Down to Forward)
QCB - Quarter circle back (Circle stick from Down to Back)
HCF - Half circle forward (Circle stick from Back to Down to Forward)
HCB - Half circle back (Circle stick from Forward to Down to Back)


+ - Moves must be done together
, - Moves must be done right after the other
~ - Moves must be done IMMEDIATELY after the other
_ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangeable)
> - Move following the > has the option of being slightly delayed
: - Move Following the : has to be precision timed to execute (Just Frame)
# - Hold movement before '#' until the end of string, or until N (Neutral)
FC - Do move while in a fully-crouched position
WS - Do move While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch)
WR - While running (f,f,f or f,F#)
BT - Back is turned towards opponent
FD/FT - Lying on the ground Face Down / Feet Towards opponent
FD/FA - " " Face Down / Feet Away from opponent
FU/FT - " " Face Up / Feet Towards opponent
FU/FA - " " Face Up / Feet Away from opponent
CH - Counterhit (Hitting your opponent in the middle of their move execution)
Clean - Clean Hit (Hitting your opponent from a very close range)
[] - Brackets surrounding an item indicate an optional move
() - Indicates a stance name (or groups moves together for easier reading)
{} - Indicates the buttons needed to be pressed in order to break a throw
. - Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)
(B!) - BOUNDING RE-JUGGLE (Sample Juggles only)
(S!) - SCREWING TAILSPIN JUGGLE EXTENDER (Sample Juggles only) - Tekken 7


*Juggles* - Move knocks opponent into the air, allowing for additional hits
*Stuns* - Opponent will be stunned after the move hits
*Parries* - Move will auto-negate an opponent's incoming attack
*Reverses* - Move will catch an opponent's incoming attack and throw them
*Cancels* - Move can be stopped before execution
*Against Wall* - Move must be done with your back against a wall
*Unblockable* - Move cannot be blocked

If an old character has a new move that they did not have in the
previous Tekken games, or if the command/properties for that move has
changed, I've notated that move in CAPITAL LETTERS!

As quick reference, here is a list of the Rage Arts and
Power Crushes for the cast of Tekken 7:

Character Rage Power
--------- ------- -------
Alisa b+1+2 b,f+2
Asuka d/f+1+2 f+1+2
Bryan d/f+1+2 f,f+2
Claudio d/f+1+2 b+1+2
Devil Jin b+1+2 d+1
Dragunov d+1+2 1+2
Feng d+1+2 f,f+3+4
Gigas 1+2 d+1+2, d+3+4
Heihachi d+1+2 d/f+1+2
Hwoarang LFL d+1+2 RFF 3~4, LFL b+3, RFL b+4
Jack-7 b+1+2 u/b+1+2
Jin b+1+2 3+4
Josie d/f+1+2 d/f+3+4
Katarina 3+4 f+3+4
Kazumi d+1+2 f+2
Kazuya d/f+1+2 f+2
King d/f+1+2 f+2+3
Lars 1+2 d/f+1+2
Law 1+2 f,f+3, DSS 1+2, DSS f+3, Trick 1+2, Trick f+3
Leo d/f+1+2 1+2
Lili 3+4 f,f+2
Lucky Chloe 3+4 b+1+2
Paul 1+2 b+1+2
Shaheen 1+2 f,f+4
Steve 1+2 d/b+1+2
Xiaoyu b+1+2 d/f+3
Yoshimitsu b+1+2 f+3+4

General Moves for Everyone TEKKEN 7

N Stand (Neutral Guard)
B High/Mid Guard, Walk Backward
D Low Guard, Crouch
F Walk Forward
f,f Dash Forward
b,b Dash Backward
(u,N)_(d,N) Axis Shifting Sidestep (SS)
(u,U#)_(d,D#) Axis Shifting Sidewalk (SW)
d/f Low Parry *When Attacked by a Low/Special-Mid Hit*
1+2+3+4 Ki Powerup *Block Damage & Auto CH on hit*
f+2+4 Right Strike Reversal Escape *When Being Reversed*
f+1+3 Left Strike Reversal Escape *When Being Reversed*

u/f Low Forward Jump
1_2_3_4 Jumping Strike
(U/B)_(U)_(U/F) High Jump
2 Striking Downward Pounce
N+3 Landing Mid Gutkick *Stuns*
N,3 Landing Sweep
(f,f,f)_(f,F#) Run
B Stop Running
1+2 Flying Cross Chop
3 Flying Side Kick
4 Sliding Leg Sweep
N Shoulder, Stomp or Tackle depending on run distance

Knockdown Recovery Moves (When Lying On Ground FU/FT)
(1_2_3_4) Tech Roll *Hit as SOON as you hit the ground*
f Roll Forwards
3 Rising Low Kick
4 Rising Mid Kick
1+2 Flying Cross Chop
b Roll Backwards
3 Rising Low Kick
4 Rising Mid Kick
f+1+2 Flying Cross Chop
1_(d+1) Roll Out_(Roll In)
N Stand Up
D# Stay Lying Down
3 Rising Low Kick
4 Rising Mid Kick
f Roll Forwards
3 Rising Low Kick
4 Rising Mid Kick
1+2 Flying Cross Chop
b Roll Backwards
3 Rising Low Kickn
4 Rising Mid Kick
1+2 Flying Cross Chop
3 Rising Low Kick
4 Rising Mid Kick
d+4 Ankle Kick
b+3+4 Rising Kickup (*NOTE - See below)
f Handspring Kickup *As soon as you hit the ground*
D/B Tumble Knockback Recovery
\ *After getting hit by a heavy tumbling attack*

Recovery moves can be chained together as such:
1,b,3 - Roll out, roll backwards, rising low kick.

* NOTE: Instead of a Rising Kickup, b+3+4 will cause Kunimitsu, Paul and
Steve to perform a Handspring Kickup into a Flying Cross Chop.
Armor King and King will recover in BT position after a Rising Kickup.

Tackle Offense Moves (When Opponent is Tackled)
1_2 1st Mounted Punch *All but Dragunov*
1_2 2nd Mounted Punch
1_2 3rd Mounted Punch
1_2 4th Mounted Punch
1+2 Armbar *King, Paul*
1+2 Wristlock *King*
3+4 Knee Cross Lock *King*
:1+2 Ultimate STF *King*
1+2 Armbar *King, Paul*
1+2 Wristlock *King*
3+4 Knee Cross Lock *King*
:1+2 Ultimate STF *King*

* NOTE: Dragunov has a unique set of attacks after his Tackle. Consult
the Grappling section of his movelist for detailed information.

Tackle Defense Moves (When Tackled)
2 Tackle Dodge *During Initial Tackle Impact*
1+2 Tackle Flip Reversal *During Tackle Fall*
1 Right Punch Block *During 1st & 3rd Mounted Punches*
2 Left Punch Block *During 1st & 3rd Mounted Punches*
1,1,2 Paul Right Punch Reversal *During 1st Mounted Punch*
1_2 Back Tackle Flipoff *During 1st Backtackled Punch*
1+2,2,2,2,2 Arm Lock Escape
1+2,2,2,2,2,2 Arm Lock Reversal *Jin, Paul, King*
1+2,1,1,1,1 Leg Lock Escape
1+2,1,1,1,1,1 Leg Lock Reversal *King*
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