Tekken - Tara Tekken - Sep 06 2015 - PHP 2500 (Manila)


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Aug 21, 2015
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Full Name
Title: Tara Tekken
Game: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Unifiltekken.com and Tekken Empire, in cooperation with PinoyVersus invites you to Unifiltekken's first official tournament! Php 150.00 (inclusive of a limited edition Tara Tekken t-shirt for the first 32 participants, and customized ID Tags)

Tara Tekken will be a 36 man (32 + 4 organizers minimum, 40 temporary maximum) double elimination tournament that will be held on September 6, 2015 .12:00 pm at Tekken Empire. Registration fee is at Php 150.00 inclusive of a limited edition Tara Tekken t-shirt for the first 32 participants, and customized ID Tags* (for early registrants).

Match Type: Cafe
Event Date: September 06 2015

Prize Details
1st Place: Php 2,500.00 + trophy
2nd Place: Php 1,000.00 + trophy
3rd Place: Recognition
Address: Tekken Empire is located beside the University of Santo Tomas along P. Noval street, right above Ministop

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tekken-Empire
Website: http://unifiltekken.com/

Other Details:

Terms and Conditions
  1. 36 man (32 + 4 staff minimum, 40 temporary maximum) Double Elimination
  2. 3 rounds per match
  3. 80 seconds per round
  4. Best of 3 until quarter finals
  5. Best of 5 from semifinals until grand finals
  6. No Guard Damage
  7. Character Lock, No Solo
  8. No DLC characters, No Combot
  9. Stage Selection is always random
  10. If the player doesn't show up two (2) minutes after being called for a match, he/she forfeits.
  11. Pressing Home/Pause in the middle of a match forfeits the round.
  12. Bring your own stick/controller
  13. Tara Tekken IDs must be worn at all times during the tournament.
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