Temtem, a Pokemon inspired MMORPG for PC, XBOX, PS4 and Switch

Guild of Guardians
Welcome to the world of Temtem! Explore a world filled with dozens of Temtems that you can tame and collect and use to fight other players with and become the best Temtem Tamer in the airborne archipelago!

Sound familiar? That's because it's heavily inspired by the pocket monsters game, Pokemon! But while the pocket monsters collection and fighting aspect of the game takes inspiration from the famous game, the similarity ends there.

Temtem is set to be a MMORPG game where players can catch Temtems with other players and do story missions along with friends or fight with other Temtem tamers! And as an MMORPG game, players can heavily customize their characters and communicate with each other, and even do in-game trades on the game! You can even customize your own home!

The game is set to be released on Steam on January 21, 2020! The game will also be released on other platforms later in the year.

Overall, Temtem seems to be a promising game that will deliver what players have been looking for in a Pokemon game for too far long, an open world game where you can play with others and prove that you are the best!