Temtem, The Newest Challenger of Pokemon Hits Steam PC 

The Pokemon franchise has been on top of its game for decades now and with the backlash of Pokemon Sword and Shield in the Nintendo Switch, some of you may wonder if a competitor will rise to challenge this game. Well, right now, there is one and this game has been gaining traction positively. It's called Temtem and it has been released on Steam!

Temtem is a MMO Creature Collection game which puts you in the Airborne Archipelago where there are 6 Islands for you to explore and find Temtems in each island. These islands are unique and you may find a different Temtem in each island. You can travel via airships to find Temtems all across the world.

The way they execute the summoning of creatures is different, instead of balls, they are locked in cards and are called upon by throwing the cards and calling for their aid, which is indeed a difference in terms of the method. Another thing worth mentioning is that the battles are much longer and more strategized, making the game much more intense in terms of prioritizing moves and actions each turn.

Other features include a story which involves you as a Temtem tamer against an evil clan named Belsoto, whilst this might be a similar feature to Pokemon, we have yet to see if there would be variance and how the enemies would work differ from the villains of Pokemon. Since this is an MMO, expect to have people interacting with you which might involve battles and co-op fights against others, this brings in possibilities of future features such as clans and teams, which we should expect if the popularity of the game expands. Other than that, we can customize houses and the character we are using bringing in individuality within the players which is always a nice touch for everyone.

Innovation and competition is always needed in order to create masterpieces such as quality games and with Temtem coming to Steam this will ensure the growth of this game and might force Gamefreak to innovate their own game in order to challenge the competition bringing rise to evolution of their own games. Overall, this is a massive win for the gamers who are into creature collection games.

So drop by Steam if you want to experience this game on the PC. There are also versions in PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch. Now gear up Temtem tamers and be the best in the Airborne Archipelago!