Tencent and Bandai Namco collaborates to develop Blue Protocol Mobile

Tencent Holdings made a deal with Bandai Namco Holdings to develop the mobile version of the hit and most anticipated multiplayer anime game, Blue Protocol.

blue protocol.jpg

According to Bloomberg, Tencent Holdings has acquired the rights to release the mobile version of Blue Protocol globally and already has a team developing the game. The success of PUBG and Call of Duty: Mobile justifies how successful the mobile design made by Tencent is, earning the trust of Bandai Namco and the players that this giant video game company can pull this project off.

Blue Protocol is currently the most well-budgeted role-playing game that is free to play, and in terms of monetization, the game will bank on in-game purchases, similarly to the Tencent-owned Riot game, League of Legends.


The Blue Protocol for PC is already available in Japan and is currently in closed beta status, but Bandai Namco is looking for a wider dissemination of the video game for players across the globe to enjoy, particularly in Western countries. Having said that, Bandai Namco made a deal with Amazon in order to release Blue Protocol on Xbox and PlayStation next year, 2024. As per the release date of the mobile version, Tencent hasn’t made an announcement about this matter yet since the game is under development.

According to a Japanese firm, the game accumulated over 600,000 players, including 200,000 simultaneous connections at its peak, making Blue Protocol the fastest-growing video game among any domestic PC online game launched by Bandai Namco.