Tencent Games announced Honor of Kings animated movie Baili Brothers

Honor of Kings, a game created by TiMi Studio, celebrated its seventh anniversary with a special event on November 12 hosted by the Chinese gaming giant Tencent. The company revealed fresh information on extending a "world" of projects connected to the popular game during the event.


In January 2022, Honor of Kings overtook PUBG Mobile as the most lucrative mobile game in China. Both games were created by Tencent. In September alone, the game brought in $190 million, according to US analytics company Sensor Tower. Honor of Kings, which was introduced in China in 2015, had 50 million daily active users in 2016 before reaching 100 million in 2020, according to government statistics. This year, Tencent released the game for the first time in foreign regions.

Tencent is pursuing a similar strategy to League of Legends in response to the game's success in order to increase revenue growth: building and expanding the game's universe by introducing related titles and spin-off products.

Even though none of the games displayed at the event had a set release date, the update was still encouraging because it showed that the projects were still moving forward despite the recent difficult regulatory environment facing the Chinese games industry.

Three video games, Honor of Kings Chess, Honor of Kings: World, and Code: Breaking Dawn, as well as the animated film Brothers Baili, were featured during the event (all names are our translations). Below, we've included each's specifics (that we are currently aware of).

Baili Brothers


Tencent also gave an update on its Honor of Kings feature film series in addition to the aforementioned video games. The story of the two well-known characters Baili Shouyue and Baili Xuance will be the main subject of the first film, Brothers Baili. In order to flesh out the characters' backstories, the film will delve deep into the brothers' youth.

The animation might be shown in 3D style based on the trailer. Huang Chengxi, a well-known director and animator who worked on 2017's Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, was said to be involved in the trailer, according to the description.