Tencent Games releases the concept trailer for the mobile version of its popular MMOFPS Assault Fire titled NZ Mobile

One of China’s most famous MMOFPS games, Assault Fire, is getting a mobile release. Since its launch in China, Tencent Games’ Assault Fire has received massive success with its combination of sci-fi elements and the traditional characters of MMOFPS games. And now, coming to mobile with the title NZ Mobile, a concept trailer was released.

assault fire.jpg

The original story in Assault Fire is set in a futuristic world. Players must fight in a war between humans and mutants. However, in the story of NZ Mobile, a small group of humans are still alive even after the emergence of this potent energy. Players will be taking the role of a military member who will seek to find the reasons behind this catastrophe. Set on a journey to find the answers behind the mutation and find out a way to revive the civilization again.

assault fire1.jpg

Fans and players alike of the game have been waiting a long time for the new Assault Fire game of Tencent. With the release of this new concept trailer, surely, fans are more excited than ever for more details about this upcoming game.