Tencent Games to Publish New Mobile RPG called Digimon: New Century

On May 16, 2021, Tencent Games held its game conference event. In line with this, the company announced three upcoming anime-based mobile titles to be released in China, one of which is a new mobile RPG called Digimon: New Century.


Following a string of unsuccessful Digimon mobile games in China, things are starting to heat up as Publisher Tencent Games announced the arrival of Digimon: New Century. It is developed by Qixia Interactive Entertainment, in collaboration with Bandai Namco Entertainment Shanghai. The game is only scheduled to be released in China for now, but with Tencent as its publisher, fans can hope that it will somehow get a global release in the future.


Digimon: New Century is an upcoming mobile RPG based from the original Digimon animated series and has been under development for over two years. The game will feature a combat gameplay that will take place in teams of five in a traditional turn-based approach, with a comprehensive evolution system as well. It will also feature a story mode with a lot of references and components from the Digimon series expected to be included, and where players will be able to experience and play through iconic events from the original animated series.

Here are some of the key game features you should expect in Digimon: New Century:
  • The “first mobile game in China” that allows you to immerse yourself in the original Digimon storyline.
  • A story that brings you back to your youth.
  • Battle combinations that are strategic in terms of partner selection, as well as “gorgeous” special attacks.
  • A one-of-a-kind virtual meeting place for people to get together.


The gameplay will include travelling the world with your Digimon, switching between a variety of Digidestined and associated talents. You may also improve your affinity by playing Digidestined with battles occurring in instances instead of the overworld. Players will also get to interact with over 300 Digimons available.


Digimon: New Century has also initially revealed previews of some of the evolution lines players will see in the game. This information originates from a Chinese Digimon Facebook community, where one of the members submitted images of several Fresh Digimon with greyed-out images of all potential Digimon lines. A lot of these evolution lines appear to be Digimon from Adventure 01's regular suspects, like Agumon, Tentomon, and Palmon. Each Digimon's evolutions, on the other hand, branch out, with a single Fresh Digimon having access to many lines.

Here are some previews of some evolution lines appearing in the game:









Currently, there is no information regarding the release date of Digimon: New Century in China.

International fans will also have to keep an eye out for future announcements about its availability worldwide, so stay tuned!