Tencent Games will be adding Palworld-like gameplay to its casual multiplayer party game Party Stars

Due to the popularity of the action-adventure, survival, and monster-taming game Palworld by Pocketpair, Tencent Games has also taken inspiration from the game, adding an exciting Palworld-like gameplay to its casual multiplayer party game Party Stars.

party stars.jpg

Previously known as DreamStar and Project: Fun Party in China, Party Stars entered early access for Android in Canada last year. The game was released to go against rival NetEase Games‘ Eggy Party. Reaching and celebrating its half-anniversary, the developers have revealed something that the Palworld fans might take an interest in.

Through a short video, players catching and battling pets was showcased along with the world's terrain, ranging from islands, forests, and snowy mountains. Players riding on flying pets while exploring was also showcased as well as some activities that can be done, like farming and crafting with their pets. We can also see traditional Chinese design elements added into it.

Currently, that’s the only information known. But don’t worry, if your interest is piqued, the game will be released globally sometime in the future. As of the moment, the game is still being developed through its Chinese version. Stay tuned for more updates!