Tencent set to release a 101-player Battle Royale Tetris Adventure mobile game

At their annual gaming conference, Tencent Games revealed Tetris Adventure for mobile, which would be developed by Changyou. Tetris Adventure will be a "full Tetris experience" including a "101 person battle royale mode," according to Daniel Ahmad. Given the existence of Tetris 99, the battle royale mode is an odd inclusion, but it seems it's only one component of the game.


The latest mobile game set to penetrate the Chinese mobile market in the future.

Tetris Adventure will offer a mobile Tetris experience with a Battle Royale mode that can accommodate up to 101 players at once. It is unknown what approach will be used to defeat opponents in each match of the game.

This isn't the first time Tetris has included gameplay like this. Because a Nintendo Tetris 99 game has been offered for free since 2019 and has grown in popularity. Playing in a way that is both enjoyable and demanding all of the time Until the game's designer came out and said, "This is the best portion of the universe to date."

According to the title, the game may have RPG aspects, which would be fascinating to witness in action. Spins (ha) on the classic Tetris formula sound like a fun novelty. The game appears to be limited to the Chinese market for the time being, yet given the original game's vast appeal and Tencent's publishing expertise, it may find its way globally at some point.

The game is expected to be released in 2021, so fans may wait and see what the game will be like in its entirety.