Tencent & TiMi Studios Are Developing 2 New Games Based On Arena Of Valor

Guild of Guardians
Tencent, the biggest video game company, along with its subsidiary, TiMi Studios, teased 2 new games in development. The name of the games are pretty vague and the information isn't fully disclosed.


But, looking at how TiMi Studios worked on PUBG, Arena of Valor, and the upcoming Pokémon Unite, these 2 new games will be awesome too!


Just as I have said, the details regarding these 2 new games weren't fully disclosed. And, to be honest, even the genres of the games weren't clear at all. The assumptions we can make will all be based on the trailers and images found on the Tencent website and other Chinese forums. So, start it all off, the first game is Codename: Dawn Break or Breaking Dawn (代号: 破晓).



Based on the trailer, my best guess is that this game will be a 3D side-scroll fighting game. It might similar to how we used to play Elsword but with better graphics and mechanics. To give you a better idea here's the trailer. Oh, before that, this will be unusually early but let me give the credits to MMO Culture for their great effort to get high-quality footage. Thank you, fellow gaming enthusiasts!

As for the 2nd game, it's more mysterious than the first game. Codename: Journey Begins or Departure (代号: 启程) is a speculated MMORPG that sets its location on what they call the King's Canyon or something like that. There's no clear sign of any gameplay scene on the trailer. But, based on the video itself, it's somehow easy to guess that there's some sort of character classes and open-world vibe in it. Well, you can just see it for yourself by watching the video below.


That's one hell of a poster and video. Now, going back to what we've been talking about, it seems that those 5 characters we're seeing on the poster are the possible classes of the game. Who knows? There's no confirmation about its tests, region availability, and platform as of this moment. But, as soon as we get more information on these games, we'll let you know.

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