Tencent's Dragon Nest 2 Is Now Officially Launched

Previously, Chinese bigwig developer Tencent has already made a huge announcement on their annual conference last month on the new and updated roster of games they will be releasing soon. One of these games that pique our interest is no other than Dragon Nest 2 which finally have it's Chinese version just recently and packs a solid review at TapTap.

Dragon Nest 2.jpg

The said MMORPG, unlike the Dragon Nest M, will feature an open-world exploration with its vast and superb graphics (with a total of 5.5GB memory sized which obviously enough to flex its crisp and vivid visuals). It propels its story in the world of Altria which makes it the exact sequel of the story of the first Dragon Nest game in PC after the defeat of the Green Dragon. Expect that with a brand new story comes to new characters (and even villains too!) that will be part of your journey.

Many would probably ask " what's the difference with the Dragon Nest with the current World Of Dragon Nest game?". As far as we know, the two share an open-world setting but have a lot more different than we expect. Other than the beefed-up graphics, Dragon Nest 2 now opt for gender-locked classes with the introduction of a female Priestess class only.

Dragon Nest 2 b.jpg

Dragon Nest 2 maintain adopts the early Dragon Nest system in skills where you will unlock most of your skills on their slots upon leveling up without the Chain System like WoDN. There will be a job advancement system in Dragon Nest 2 but without the Dual Weapon system of WoDN where you can switch weapons on the fly for a different set of skills.

So it's easy to say that Dragon Nest 2 is much closer to the 1st installment of Dragon Nest IP with all its old features and mechanics still intact but with promising add-ons that might be waiting soon.

Currently, the game can only be accessed by having a QQ or WeChat account with tons of awards and packages that awaits players who will download and link their account in the game. Also, there is a huge in-game and real prizes await those who can invite their friends in playing the game. The prizes range from hefty gold coins for the game to a brand new Nintendo Switch.

There is still no information whether Tencent will release Dragon Nest 2 globally like the other 2 Dragon Nest games knowing both seem to gather a huge community in other SEA countries. But for those who don't mind having Chinese Text on their game, Dragon Nest 2 in apk format can be downloaded now from the TapTap website.

In other news, World of Dragon Nest currently has a month-long event that allows players to win a huge amount of gold and a hot-time event that provides a 2x drop rate bonus on Nest and Nest Hell plus July Attendance event.