TERA HERO Mobile MMORPG Teases 12 Playable Classes

Just before the end of January 2020, KRAFTON (formerly known as Bluehole, the developer behind PUBG) revealed the 12 out of the 18 classes for the upcoming spin-off game of their award winning game TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) which is now official named as TERA Hero.

Formerly announced on 2018 with its previous title TERA Frontier, TERA Hero is already reached its last phase of development this year.

Developed using Unreal Engine 4 by Red Sahara Studio, it was expected that TERA will have a superb graphic quality similar to TERA which this mobile game was based on.

The game was said also to focus greatly on large scale PvP and PvE battle. Currently the said 12 classes of TERA Hero are derived from the original TERA MMORPG classes and there are six more that will be revealed in the near future.

TERA Hero’s story will be revolving around the time before Argon War which become the pivotal event in the TERA universe especially between the seven races in the said game.

More information regarding its feature, screenshots and hopefully an official gameplay trailer is highly anticipated to be announce soon as the game is expected to be officially launched this year.