TERA Hero Officially Releases Gameplay Trailer and Korea Launch Date

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    The long wait is over for TERA Hero fans as the official trailer of the much anticipated mobile MMORPG has finally release as well as its Korea launch date on March 5 this year.


    Developed by Red Sahara Studio under the flagship of KRAFTON (owner of the TERA IP and PUBG). TERA Hero is a exhilarating RPG for mobile created with Unreal Engine 4. The game offers a brand new story base from the original TERA game in PC. Players will control a 3-character party from the roster of 18 characters that they can unlock as they progress in the game. This clarifies the speculation before that all characters in TERA Hero will be acquired via gacha system. PVP, PVE and Boss raid system are also featured in the trailer which gives us a quick but promising glimpse of TERA Hero’s gameplay with jaw dropping graphics and new combat feature such as back attack that deals more damage against frontal attacks.

    Pre-registration is now open for TERA Hero with tons of rewards awaits those who register as early as now. There are no news yet if there will be a western launch but we are keeping our fingers cross that TERA Hero will be gracing the global gaming community soon.

    Watch the trailer below and let us know what are your thoughts about TERA Hero in the comment thread!


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