Terraria Journey's End - The Final Patch launching on May 16 PC 

Terraria has been known to be an action-adventure game that has spawned a massive fanbase because of its cheap price at the Steam store yet offering a hundreds and thousands of hours worth of playing time. From slaying monsters, personalizing gear, exploring new areas and building bases, the game has tons of things to do and it really fits in the time where everyone is on quarantine and need something to put time on. Well, Terraria has got you covered if you are still holed up until May 16.

Journey's End is the name of the final patch of Terraria, patch 1.4. It includes a lot of changes and new items along the way. World generation has also been revamped, take a look at what they have to show before we break down things.

New Modes

There are will be 2 new modes in the game. Master Mode and Journey Mode. Master Mode is for those who think Expert is nothing and want to have a brand new experience. Cenx, the lead developer of the game has promised that there will be 2 new exclusive loot from the bosses in Master Mode. He also said that it will not be weapons or accessories though, so it is very interesting what type of loot will it be. Guess we need to find out ourselves

As for Journey Mode, there has been no clue what it was, ChippyGaming, one of the prominent Terraria Youtuber has thought of something like a creative mode but it is only a speculation. There has been no leads to wait the game could be so we would only have to wait to see what it contains. But 2 new modes, am down for that!

New Bosses

Terraria's charm is that it has bosses to rule over with. Some dedicate their time to build boss-specific arenas and preparations just to have a one-up on them. Whether it helps on progression or not, we know we want that loot to make ourselves stronger and better. So they will be making 2 new optional bosses in the game. Since it's optional we still don't know if it's pre-hardmode or post-Moon Lord, but even still, it's a great way to test our mettle once more. Unless, you bring in your end-game equipment that is. HAHA.

New NPCs

NPCs are something that is always nice to have. You can interact with them especially if they are villagers that can offer you new equipment, gear or stuff to work on. Terraria will have 2 new NPC villagers, there would be a golfer NPC where it helps you.... play golf. There is also a female NPC but we don't know what their role is. Either way, more occupants to your base in the future. They also promised more dialogue along the way so that is great for those curious with NPC interaction.

New Items

Since the latest item number is 4985 as according to Cenx so that means it is possible that they may have added a thousand more items to the game! Which is huge, but remember, there may be color variations and such so don't get to all hyped up. Still, more items means more time to look into them and explore stuff. Who knows, you might have a new weapon, gear or furniture set once this is all and done. Something to look forward to if you are either an adventurer or a builder.

New Biomes and World Generation Revamp

Biomes are big in Terraria. Biomes usually contain new stuff to tinker with, new weapons, new items and treasures! Some might have new NPCs hidden there and all you need to do is to explore it and find out things for yourself, for a game like Terraria. Biomes are definitely important. And I heard there will be new ones along the update.

There will be a mini-biome called Oasis where there will be various new things to explore there. While some details are still being hidden under wraps. Their communication to the content creators and the delivered promises in the last patches are testament that we are in for a surprise.

And with new biomes comes with a revamped world generation. This way it will reduce the minor issues, bugs and graphic errors that players see in the game, making it more cohesive than clashing with different biomes that might not make sense.

Other Changes

Other than previously mentioned, expect new sounds such as Owls in night and wind mechanics are coming soon. New music that you will encounter soon in the game especially when something triggers the music to be played. Balance from both boss drops and weapons are going to be implemented and other things to add such as a large health bar below when you battle a boss. Better be on the lookout once 1.4 is released.

1.4 in Mobile soon

With all the hype surrounding Journey's End, mobile players are asking when are they going to release an update for 1.4. Fret not, Journey's End will be coming to mobile soon as well, so get ready for that!


With years of amazing experience and excellent support to their player base, Re-Logic has earned its rank as one of the trusted game developers out there. They said that they will be keeping some folks for a skeletal force in Terraria once Journey's End has finally been released to keep up with the maintenance but they will be moving on from the game once it's released. Whatever, they are going to do, we will be waiting in anticipation for another fun game. Have you played Terraria? Are you interested in it because they are going to be releasing a final patch? Would you play it if you have played before? Tell us in the comments below!