Testimonies of a Day 1 Player in Genshin Impact PC PlayStation iOS Android 

Guild of Guardians
I have followed Genshin Impact a lot of times while I have covered it in this website. Before I tried the game, I was a Honkai Impact Player, I loved the aesthetics and the combat of the game and I expected big in the next project that miHoYo has in store. Now with 1.1 looming soon, let us talk about my thoughts as a Day 1 Player of the game. This will contain my experiences starting from its pre-registration until now.

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The Excitement

As I covered the Genshin Impact further close to its release, I really got excited about what it has in store, majority of the content creators I know are starting to cover its pre-registration. Different events were released, closed beta test gameplay were shown online. The excitement was building up and the rewards are becoming plentiful so I definitely hopped in and cannot wait to test the game myself.

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It may even have come to a point that I was dreaming of playing the game as what I have seen in the videos, the excitement was brewing up to the point, I was happy the day before it releases and when the gates were open.. Woo boy!

The Launch

When the game was launched I prepared both my PC and mobile phone to play the game. Thankfully, I can play in the PC smoothly and more comprehensively as the controls are smoother there and the game looks fantastic. I cannot believe I was able to play the game in my specs and I praise miHoYo on that note.

I really rushed the game when it first release, I played the game all day and enjoyed every single bit of it. You can bet on it that I spent the whole day playing and only taking breaks when needed. By the end of the first week, I am already an AR20+ player who has explored a lot of regions and fast ranking quickly for the other content.

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Exploring the world was amazing and getting to open the chests are fun to do. It has primogems which lets us roll more characters which excites me as a gacha player. There was a ton of pulls right from the get-go and rolled like a madman. Now, I know that the gacha rates are truly bad and I agree, but the pre-registration rewards plus the other things they offered were soooo good, I really rolled fast. I got Venti in that one so it motivated me to play further. Of course, all the immersive things must slow down, and it did that indeed.

The Loop

Basically, after finishing the main story and exploring the world for the anemoculi and geoculi, the game started to feel like a loop. While I know that the mesmerizing view and the god-tier music are amazing and are one of the main reasons in playing the game. It sometimes feel like content will be lacking when you reach this level. True, there are spiral abyss which greatly gives primogems and other rewards. Add to the fact that there are world quests that you can seek out and some are repeatable, but it sometimes can still feel barebones.

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When reaching a high enough level where you wish that Inazuma (the third nation) will be open now and other things considered. It really feels like the loop can be excruciatingly repetitive. But again, you must understand that the game has just opened for public weeks ago, so it is understandable that we still lack a lot of content. That said...

The Disappointments

They definitely need to fix a lot of things in the game that people have been asking for. While the game is definitely amazing on its own and it is definitely one of the greatest surprises that 2020 has to offer for me and for the other players who are finding a great game with a cheap price of free, you will still find things that you can critique in order for the game to be better.

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First off, the resin system. Yes, you have heard this a lot and it is getting repetitive, however, the majority of the crowd are spouting facts. Let's just exclude the overreactors of the community, and the people's complaints are real. Resin-locked content has a lot of things needed by the players to advance and go further than what we want to have. Mora and EXP, big amounts are locked in Resin. Artifacts to strengthen your unit, resin! Talent books and weapon ascension materials, resin! All of it has resin which can be very limiting to players. And while, yes they do have to throttle down the progression of the players, it can get very stingy when you decide to go on a long playtime and they want to improve a certain character but locked down by the resin system. It definitely needs to change.

Another thing to mention is the gacha system. Yes, I know that they need to earn money but they need to fix either the rates or find a way to make the players be satisfied with their characters. A rumor that was turned out to be fake was one of my ideas, putting some permanent 5-star characters in the Masterless Starglitter as an option is a great way to do it. Reasons include that they will still need to pull more characters and weapons in the gacha that can give starglitter but at the same time, they get a 5-star in the shop which they can use and improve their team composition further. It really is a great way to do so. But if not, at least improve the drops. Sure, there is a pity system but it takes 90 rolls to do so. A simple rate-up change will be nice to alleviate the struggles of the F2P guys.

Finally, possible feeling of lack of content. While I do say that for a while you may feel like you are running out of content, it is both true and false. Yes, you feel that it is lacking but you have not explored everything yet. There are lots of things to do that some of you might not even know yet. Some secrets are waiting out there to be discovered, best you head there and seek it out.

Looking into the Future

Although I have said some criticisms regarding the game, it is not something to fret about. There is still hope that it will change and change it will for the better. What I am saying is that the game will improve as long as miHoYo listens to the community and follow through reasonable requests. While they have started to tip toe in the right direction but making the container much bigger with 160 Resin than 120 and decreasing the amount needed to finish the Battle Pass quests in the next Battle Pass, it is still a small step for the game company to improve their work.

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Proper events should also be key, while Elemental Crucible and the Marvelous Merchandise gives us free stuff, it is still a little too simple and easy and having proper events would be a great way to retain the player base by having great content for the players.

Finally, just make sure that they follow on the most sensible ideas and requests from the community. I, myself love to get the resin costs halved and just make the domains much accessible than usual. With a bigger pool of characters coming on our way with Zhongli, Childe and other characters teased for 1.1. It will be hard to build them and create a team composition for them. So therefore, there needs to be changes made on the mechanics in the game.


While I do feel like the game has some flaws right now, it can still turn around and make a great one. miHoYo has time and time again fix their games and ensure that the players are given ample compensation and a great feeling for the players. While others are starting to become doomers of the game,, I believe that with proper communication, proper handling of the game, this game will last for a long time, especially with their revenue! So come on and join the Genshin Impact Discussion and share your thoughts about the game so far.