Thamuz Guide and Gameplay


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May 1, 2019
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Thamuz Guide and Gameplay Tips: He is better than Alucard

General Info: Fighter siya tapos wala siyang mana bar.

Hero Specialty: Lord Lava rises from the Abyss. By utilizing his scythes to divide the battle field, Thamuz will burn his enemies with the cauterant lava.

Why use Thamuz?
  • True Damage (from his core items)
  • Mobile (without his scythes and because of his blink skill)
  • Great Sustain (high lifesteal and spell vamp)
  • A DPS Type of Hero
  • Lane Bully

  • CC
  • Necklace of Durance or Deadly Blade

Skills Review: Wala ng intro intro. Diretso na sa guide haha.

Passive niya ay mas mabilis siya kapag wala ang scythes niya. Tapos may extra damage siya kapag na-retrieve niya 'yong scythe tas nagbasic attack ka.

First skill niya ay 'yong ihahagis niya 'yong scythe.

Second skill niya ay 'yong tatalon siya. Blink skill ito kumbaga tapos babalik kaagad 'yong scythe sa kanya.

Ultimate skill niya ay burst damage. Lahat ng dumikit sa kanya ay mabu-burst. Maghe-heal naman siya ng 3% HP kada basic attack. 22% boosts din sa attack speed niya.

Thamuz' Role:

Fighter siya na malakas ang sustain. Hindi siya makunat na semitank pero as a fighter, siya ang susugod sa clash next to tank. Maabot niya ang backline kasabay ng assassin using his second skill combo.


Spell: Aegis

Emblem: Fighter Emblem Festival of Blood Talent


This recommended build is used by Top 1 Global Thamuz from the Rising Squad na Nexplay. Philippine Squad 'yan na para sa akin ay dapat sumali sa mga pro tournaments like MPL (sali sila dapat sa S4) and other tourneys.
  • Wizard Boots
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Thunderbelt
  • Endless Battle
  • Brute Force Chestplate
  • Immortality
Wizard Boots can be substituted by Defensive Boots like Warrior or Tough Boots.

Bloodlust Axe is to further amplify his Spell Vamp from Festival of Blood Talent. Malaking bagay rin ang plus 70 na physical attack.

Thunderbelt and Endless Battle have passives that intensifies the damage of his skill plus basic attack combos.

Brute Force Chestplate and Immortality are for defensive purposes.

Vampiric Lava Spouter Build by AdminAshura
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Wizard/Warrior/Tough Boots
  • Oracle
  • Blade of Despair
  • Endless Battle / Thunderbelt
  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

Tips in building this set build:

Pick Endless Battle of you are ahead in terms of level and gold. If not, better go with Thunderbelt to start your tank build and preparation for late game.

Scratchy Lord Lava Build by AdminAshura (A Burst Build)
  • Bloodlust Axe
  • Swift/Wizard/Tough Boots
  • Haas' Claws
  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Berserker's Fury
  • Blade of Despair

General Building Tip for Thamuz:

First 3-4 items are your core items which focuses on attack while the remaining slots must be for defense because Thamuz needs defense in late game to not to be burst out by enemy marksman or other late game heroes.

Gameplay Tips:

Laning Phase - Solo Top is the most effective tactic for me. Zone out opponents gamit ang iyong first skill. Try to stop your opponents in last hitting your minions.

After recall - a technique that some use is that they will either lay down their scythe upper left or upper right para bumilis ang movement speed ni Thamuz at makabalik agad sa lane.

Skill combo would be the following:

Minion wave clear combo

Use first skill to hit the backmost minion then use basic attack on the frontmost minion.

Second skill combo

1st skill + Basic attackSss + 2nd skill + Basic attack

Full skill combo

Ultimate skill + Basic attackSss then when the enemy tries to escape, use 1st skill to slow it down then use basic attack or the second skill combo.

Teamfight combo

Initiate using your first skill. When the tank already absorbs the first wave of damage and CC's, retrieve your scythe then use basic attack then jump to the backline then use basic attack. Then use ultimate skill and use the full skill combo.

Jungling Combo

Use first skill plus basic attack repeatedly as many as you can. Maximize the extra damage from your passive. Throw your scythes then pick it quickly then use basic attack and repeat. Your basic attacks after getting your scythes will deal greater damage because of your passive.

Miscellaneous Tips:

1) You may buy Hunter's Knife to level up and get golds faster.

2) When you already cleared the minion wave (if you are at the top lane) and your opponents haven't yet, you may kill the crab quickly by using your second skill combo.

3) Don't forget to spam your skills. You don't consume mana, remember? Just make sure to use your ultimate skill at the right time.

4) When using your ultimate skill, try to land as many basic attacks as you can because you will heal 3% HP at each hit.

5) To recounter Necklace of Durance or Deadly Blade, build Oracle.

6) Don't rely on skills alone because your basic attacks deal much greater damage than your skills.

7) Use your second skill to jump through walls.

8 ) Always throw your scythes to poke your enemies. You will also be faster this way.

9) Better end the game early on. Thamuz is gradually getting much weaker as the game goes later. Aim to kill the lord after the 12-minute mark and end the game to secure victory. If not possible, be patient until the 16-minute mark then secure the lord. If you still cannot win the game, you will be more reliant to your teammates in super late game thus change your items to a more tankier set build.