The 10 Best 1-Mana Cards in Hearthstone


Newbie Gamer
Apr 27, 2019
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When you're a new player, identifying the best cards at each mana slot can be a real challenge. Cards that seem good at first might never be played, while cards that look average are actually quite strong. Since you need to have a good curve and a balanced collection, figuring out the game's best cards at each mana cost is actually quite important.

This video covers the 10 most impactful cards that cost 1-mana. These might not be heavy-hitting legendary minions that win games in amazing fashion, but the right card at the start of a game can still lead you towards victory. Adding these cards to your collection will ensure that you have strong openers for your deck, and are able to fit into various metas without missing a key component.

It's a lot of fun looking at cards at specific mana costs, because you can really compare and contrast their strengths and weaknesses. If you think I missed a 1-mana card that's downright amazing, please let me know! I like these 10 of course, but everyone has different opinions when it comes to card quality and importance. If you're happy with my choices this time, stop by when I tackle the 2-mana cards and I'm forced to cut a bunch of great cards.