The 10th International Delayed due to COVID-19 PC 

With all the events happening right now, we know it's inevitable to happen . With a huge crowd, the anticipation and excitement in one arena will electrify the stage for the finale of a lifetime for the players who have a shot to win it all in the DOTA Final Tournament, the International.

With a planned revamp of its staging and having a separate league for the beginners to have a shot at the competition, it was a promising year for DOTA aspirants, however, due to the safety of the players and obedience to the strict laws, they have to do it.

The International will be delayed for this year and likely will continue in 2021. Right now, they will be just working on the DPC season which they have recently made for a better design and layout of the tournaments, more info in this article here, .

The 10th International will be funded with 25% of the Battle Pass but it might be delayed due to the events happening right now and the workers initiating Work From Home setups.

Still, the DOTA team wish everyone to be safe in times like these and they hope that you will be excited and present when the International finally happen after COVID-19. Overall, this is a good time for the DOTA Team to setup their plans for the next DPC season and polish it as much as they want.

The Battle Pass can also be bought more than before increasing the quality and prize pool for the winners so this is a win-win for the players and the audience who wish to see the game with greater quality. With the world at stop today, why not just slow it down and play some games like DOTA to keep you company?

Keep safe at their folks, what are your thoughts of the International being delayed? Tell us in the comments below!