The 128-Tick Phenomena: The Secret Reason Why Players Are Now Going To Valorant

Long before its official released, several reports have been spreading that many players of the most enduring FPS, CS: GO, is about to leave it and went for the next-generation FPS of Riot called Valorant. And truly this is not only a hearsay. It's a real deal for a couple of reasons.

Other than the obvious one which is Valorant is the newest craze in multiplayer FPS and everyone wants a piece of it, Riot has a lot of promise that every dedicated FPS player will surely never miss in the new FPS. From its superb graphics, a lower skill ceiling for the beginners, and lastly an improved anti-cheat system.

But many seems didn't care about one feature of Valorant that arguably makes it the better FPS not just only against CS but also to other FPS as of date. That is the 128-tick servers which are available even on their standard matchmaking game.

But what exactly is 128-tick?

The 128-tick refers to the rate wherein a server can provide and update visual information to the players. It is measured via Hz or frequency like in radio and as we all know, the higher the tick rate, the more visual information will be processed faster right before the monitor of your PC even if there are so many explosions or running players all over it. No information will be lost in relation to your visuals and that means better gameplay particularly for a fast-paced FPS.

This is the reason why in many FPS games, those who have a higher tick rate can have a more improved chance to hit their target accurately than those with lower tick rates (disclaimer though; aiming and shooting is still skill dependent). No wonder pro players actually prefer a higher tick-rate due to this reason.

One thing that makes Valorant standout today is that it provides the 128-tick for its servers which as compared to other like CS:GO who only have a standard 64-tick (although one can upgrade it via monthly payment through the likes of ESEA), 60 tick on Overwatch, or even Call of Duty: Warzone with only 20-tick rate.

But the best part of this, Valorant provides the 128-tick not only to those who can pay or exclusive only pro players. They provide this high rate tick for all their serves which means, even an average dude can enjoy a more smooth FPS gameplay without spending a dime.

This could mean a lot for every FPS player out there and it seems Riot will keep its gears on high for this one since unlike ping which is beyond their control, tick rate is actually under their management and will never be unchanged unless they wanted to. The only question here is can Riot maintain such a feature for Valorant knowing this can cost a lot of resources according to Naomi Clark, an art professor fr NYU Game Center.

Yet the other pressing query here too is what will be the response of other competing FPS against the "new kid in town" Valorant? (There is a spreading report that CS:GO has already planning to also adjust their server for 128-tick so there you go).

But this only shows how lively and engaging the FPS community now that all the best features are here for players, regardless of status, to enjoy with gusto.
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