The Avengers Endgame of Anime - Fate/Grand Order: Grand Temple of Time: Solomon Announced!

The Fate train never stops and just keeps on expanding, but as long as it expands, it will gather people that will enjoy the series and these people will definitely buy and play their games, get other media and become enriched with the deep story of Fate and the Nasuverse. As an example, it started from the original VN, Fate stay/night and now it has reached to the point of their hit mobile game, Fate/Grand Order grossing $4 billion in sales. From the whales to the dolphins and the word of the F2Ps, it just goes on. Another example is the new anime release!

Just after the finale of the hit anime, Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia, where they went back to ancient Mesopotamia to defend Uruk from demonic beasts ravaging at that time, they dealt with Tiamat, the Primordial Mother of the Earth in Mesopotamian myth and defeated it just in time to restore Humanity by obtaining the grail that is causing the singularity. But their battle is not yet over. After obtaining the 7 Holy Grails that Solomon have distributed among different timelines, it is now time to face off with the Grand Caster to prevent the Incineration of Humanity and save the world!

Being dubbed as the Avengers Endgame of anime, Solomon will be the culmination of the journeys of Ritsuka Fujimaru, which is supposed to be the player in the game together with (best kouhai) Mashu Kyrielight, her trusty Shielder with the singularities that they have faced so far. As they will face off with the Demon Gods that the enemy has in store for them, they will be needing the help of every servant that they have contracted so far, even some event characters joined the fray such as Ryougi Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai, Mysterious Heroine X from Saber Wars and a lot more!

So, my advice to those who are planning to watch the anime, play the game! The important aspects that you need to know is within the main story arc, the 7 Singularities! Sure, you might miss out with the event characters that will be there but the emotional impact of playing through it and seeing your favorite servants joining the fray in order for you to succeed from your adventure is DEFINITELY a sight to behold!

But if you are still stubborn to play the game, you can watch the summaries and playthroughs of other Youtubers. But we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you play the game to see it for yourself. The Fate series is on a roll this year. With the success of Babylonia, we will also witness Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel 3 spring song, and Fate/Grand Order:The Divine Realm of the Round Table Camelot: Wandering Airgetlam, Fate fans are bombarded by new media altogether. Don't forget that Arc 2 of the Mobile Game, Cosmos in the Lostbelt is next month! It does feel good to be a Fate fan.

So, are you ready for this anime? Will you be excited for this one knowing that they have the Unlimited Budget Works? Tell us in the comments below!