The Banner of the Bows: Childe and Diona Skills Revealed PC PlayStation iOS Android 

With 1.1 coming to us quicker than we've imagined, it's time to see what these new characters will bring forth to us in the table. Now that Childe and Diona are the newest characters in the next banner that we will encounter, let us talk about them right now. Whilst there's no official reveal of their skills, our sources from various media can provide us with the translations and we will see if they can be nice to have on our roster or not!



Our Bro in the Liyue Chapter, Childe is a Hydro Bow user that has a special mark called "Broken Flow" which can cause various effects to happen. Well, let's talk about those.


First, the charged attack is the same as those bow users which has a certain element. After charging it will unleash Hydro damage on that shot, however this will include the "Broken Flow" which in ranged does this: Deal AoE Hydro Damage when nearby enemies are close to the enemy with a Broken Flow mark, it will be counted as regular damage. Imagine having a free Prototype Animus style effect on a character, now that's nice! Just remember that Childe needs to be the one doing the attack to create the effect of this Broken Flow.

But wait, we have more! Childe's elemental skill will transform the bow into a melee weapon. This will make a whole skill set of attacks for Childe. The melee stance will have Childe create a 6-slash combo and a charged attack that would use stamina. Both will be hydro-based damage. Finally, it will have its own Broken Flow mark called "Broken Flow: Slash" which would deal AoE damage in an area. But again, it will be calculated as regular attack damage. You might need to press the elemental skill again to revert back to a ranged stance.

Finally, his elemental burst would depend if you are on a ranged or melee stance. If you are on a ranged stance, Childe will fire a magical arrow that would deal AoE Hydro Damage and applying Broken Flow to all enemies hit with the arrow. Meanwhile, if you are on a melee stance, elemental burst would deal tremendous amounts of Hydro Damage to all enemies nearby while also applying Broken Flow on the enemies that are hit. This Broken Flow however would be "Broken Flow: Burst" which would cause AoE Hydro Damage once again.

Aside from his skills, his ascension effects are great. Ascension 1 would make Broken Flow last for 8 seconds. Meanwhile, Ascension 4 would make critical hits apply Broken Flow in Melee Elemental Burst which would be great to proc more Broken Flow: Burst while in Melee Stance. Finally, his "utility" passive would be offensive as well as it would make the party's normal attack talent increase by +1. This is huge as normal attacks can be the backbone of a DPS to avoid unwanted elemental reactions and applications like dealing pyro damage on pyro units so this is a great utility for Childe.

Overall, Childe is appearing to be more powerful by the hour. Juggling his abilities and switching from Melee to Ranged style and create a perfect switch-combo in his elemental burst, he is a 5-star to get for those who wish to be creative in their battle style. Plus, his appeal can really take off once you have seen the Liyue story, it's a must-get for me. For sure!


The Bartender of Cat's Tail. Diona hates alcohol yet continues to make great alcohol by accident. Well, it do be like that, but more on Diona's abilities. It looks more and more to be on the support side of things. A healer and a cryo reaction machine, it is interesting to look at, here, let's dive deeper.


Diona's elemental skill lets her have the ability to either press or hold to create Kitty Claws. When pressed, Diona will launch 2 Kitty Claws that will cause Cryo Damage to the enemies, if held, she will dash and launch 5 Kitty Claws. Upon launching Kitty Claws, it will create a Cryo Shield for Diona which absorbs up to 75% of damage that you will be incurring. Getting hit by Cryo will absorb the element and cause to infuse Diona with Cryo upon release. This is an interesting offensive and utility as it will deal damage and grant a shield.

Her "seemingly" elemental burst meanwhile lets her launch a cocktail that will deal AoE Cryo Damage and create a "Drunken Mist" where enemies will receive continuous Cryo damage while she and her allies will regain lost HP in that area. Talk about hitting two birds in one stone. Diona's drinks sound like a fine brew in the right mix. Potentially strong to boot.

While we do not have her ascension details, it is clear as day that Diona is a great addition to whichever team you have in. Cryo with Hydro will cause Freezing, Cryo with Electro will "conduct" superconduct, and a lot more effects to ask for. If you need to a strong Cryo unit with healing and defensive potential, Diona is your catgirl!


Just the start of 1.1 and it is already heating up, metaphorically and while the new units are showing how "cool" and "frosty" they are, it is still locked in the whims of gacha to get them, will you wish for them in exchange of your beloved Primogems? I say it's a YES! For more information about Genshin Impact, stay tuned and while you are here, join the Genshin Impact Discussion!