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When the dust settled in the earlier banners some got lucky in the permanent banner getting Jean, Keqing, Mona, and the other 5-stars that are permanently available in the gacha. But we have another character that definitely made other people turn around and bask in his greatness, and yes, like the other characters in fiction, he definitely has a shade of mystery on him. Today, let us talk about Diluc, the tycoon of Mondstadt.

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Diluc, the esteemed gentleman in the Dawn Winery is a Pyro character that uses Claymores. His basic attack is a heavy hit on a lot of enemies such is of Claymore-based users, but with proper artifacts and utilization of his skills, he can be a beast as you can see in the YouTube videos. His E acts like Riven in League of Legends therefore you can use E 3 times and anytime from a set duration as long as you use it. His elemental burst meanwhile, creates a phoenix in a location damaging the enemies along its way and causing Diluc's claymore to set on fire, dealing Pyro damage when it strikes. With these in mind, his abilities resemble a simplistic approach with an attack at all times measure.

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For weapons, you can never go wrong with Wolf's Gravestone, its effect is so devastating that it is perfect for a heavy hitter such as Diluc, but then again, Wolf's Gravestone is locked in gacha and the gacha is hell. A free-to-play way is to get some Northlander Claymore Prototype from Liyue Souvenir Shop, Andrius and Dvalin World Bosses, then gather up White Iron and Crystal Chunks, go to the Blacksmith and make the Prototype Animus. Getting it can increase your damage output quickly that you can proc some strong damage spikes that would still leave you jaw-dropping.

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Finally, for Artifacts, make sure to find artifacts with the main stats that are focusing on Attack, Attack %, Pyro Damage %, Crit Rate and Crit Damage up. Those combinations can definitely skyrocket your Diluc. For set bonuses look at for the Gladiator's Finale set for its great 2pc and 4pc. set bonuses, Berserker's 2-pc can also be a great boon for him. Endgame focuses should be Bloodstained Chivalry and Crimson Witch of Flames especially the latter one with its 2 pc. which helps Diluc's Elemental Skill and Burst. But remember to always take note of the main statistic which is the important part of the artifacts.

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Anyways, getting Diluc is the first step in playing him greatly. With the gacha rate of the game low, it's up to luck or wallet to pull him. Join the Genshin Impact discussion for the latest updates regarding the game.

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