The Battle Cats | One Piece Girl (Robin) Ft. Lemon Monster FNF [ Nova Pro Mod ] Android 


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Jul 16, 2023
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PTC Reborn
Nova Pro update 12.7.C is a battle cats mod used to be played at OP units and enemies. In this update, we have added two units (one to be played as unit and the other as enemy).

Update Logs​

  • One Piece Girl is a unit coming from the comic series of One Piece namely Robin. I got the sprite from the internet and download it, from there remake a unit from battle cats ultimate (pc version) and create its stats.
  • Lemon Monster is a unit coming from Friday Night Funkin (FNF). I got the sprite from internet too, ripped from a certain website. Remade a unit using the sprite sheet with battle cats ultimate (bcu) application and re-created the stats.
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