The Beast of Bloody: B930 - a perfect match for hardcore Filipino gamers PC 

Filipinos are hardcore gamers. We enjoy the aggressive side of gaming and many times, we just can’t help but to smash our keyboards in team fights. It comes with a price though as this playing culture can easily wear down standard gaming keyboards. Enter Bloody’s B930 Light Strike keyboard, the mechanical gear perfectly suited for us Filipinos’ aggressive gaming.

Bloody’s newest gaming keyboard, the B930, can withstand the Filipino style of intense gaming for an average of 100 million keystrokes. The attention to detail to its engineering is so meticulous that even the space bar was given a serious upgrade - doubling its spring and balancing bars to maintain accuracy and durability as this is the most abused key in the keyboard.

This means that you won’t have to worry when you smash your keyboard too hard during crucial fights that can decide the fate of your game.

B930 uses Light Strike Libra (LK) technology that leverages on a balance bar to control direct up-down movements and prevents accidental keystrokes, allowing you to trigger with absolute speed and accuracy. With B930, Filipino gamers won’t have to worry about accidentally pressing keys, a common experience during panic induced team fights and clashes.

Your keystroke speed will also experience a power up with B930 because it uses optical detection to react with a lightning speed of 0.2ms response time and an actuation point of 1.5mm. All these numbers only mean one thing- your keystrokes will always be lightning speed, ready to deal heavy damage to your opponents.

Activating items, giving signals to your team mates and dodging your opponents all at the same time? Don’t worry because B930’s Full N-Key Rollover (NKRO)ensures each keypress can simultaneously register regardless of how many keys are being pressed or held down at a time including modifier keys (Shift, Control and ALT).

Drinking beverages during games will also become worry-free because B930 keyboards are coated with an exclusive advanced Nano-coating over the keyboard, protecting it from corroding caused by wet air or caustic chemicals while its Smart Water Flow System will ensure that accidental spills be quickly drained by the keyboard.

Grinding games will also be more comfortable because of B930’s highly ergonomic design, which features a ladder-shaped keys design that is engineered for human ergonomics aimed to provide maximum comfort during hours of playing.

Aside from its top-notch hardware, B930 is also packed with 6 preloaded RGB Lighting Effects which can be simply adjusted by pressing the “FN” and “F12” keys at the same time.

On top of that, creative Filipino gamers can also customize the RGB animation to their own preferences using 3 types of RGB Animation modes with 16.8 million color options, making your own unique "Self-Customize" RGB that you can save by pressing “FN+0 to. 9” and even share it with friends.

With all these features packed in a keyboard, Filipino gamers can dominate in gaming even more.

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