The Best Marksman Tips For Beginners in Mobile Legends


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May 27, 2020
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The Best Marksman Tips for Beginners in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games out there. However, while the game is far more accessible compared to traditional PC MOBAs like Dota 2 and League of Legends, it’s far from easy to play.

This is especially true when you consider how unforgiving the community can be to new players who are trying out some of the game’s more enticing roles like the Marksman. If you want to boost your chances, you could get some Mobile Legends Diamonds over at OffGamers here! If you ain’t got the time to polish your skills, a little diamond boost doesn’t hurt.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best Marksman tips for beginners in Mobile Legends.

Is The Marksman Role Good For Beginners in Mobile Legends?​

Marksmen in Mobile Legends are just like the Assassins. Both roles share the same proficiency when it comes to dealing a lot of damage to enemies and killing heroes. The main difference is that the Marksman is much better at dealing damage from long range. In addition to this, Marksmen in Mobile Legends are more dependent on their normal attacks to take down enemies before they even know what hit them.

Unfortunately, while killing heroes in Mobile Legends sounds good, Marksmen need a lot of “babysitting”. These heroes need to be supported, especially during the early goings of each game, as their low defence and mobility make them susceptible to being singled out by enemies.
Positioning and map awareness are key to playing an effective Marksman in Mobile Legends. These are things that don’t come naturally nor instantly, so the Marksman is one of the more difficult roles in Mobile Legends.

Why You Should Play As A Marksman in Mobile Legends​

The best thing about playing as a Marksman in Mobile Legends is that you can out-damage pretty much everyone else outside of other Marksman-type heroes. If left unchecked, a farmed Marksman can literally wipe out an entire team in a few seconds.

What Makes An Effective Marksman in Mobile Legends?​

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, positioning and map awareness is important if you want to excel as a Marksman in Mobile Legends. Your role isn’t to charge head-on and straight into battle. You need to stay at the back of your team, preferably under the protection of the tank. Your best asset as a Marksman is that you can deal damage from afar, so don’t even think about getting too close for comfort.

Your role as a Marksman is to use your long-range damage to take down enemies as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Which Marksmen Heroes Are Best for Beginners?​


Granger is an excellent Marksman for players who prefer a more assassin-like style of gameplay. Granger’s burst potential is amazing, especially if he manages to secure key items. However, as a true Marksman, Granger is rather soft. If you’re playing him, it’s best that you stay in the backline as often as you can and pick out key targets using critical shots whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The main advantage of using Granger for beginners is that he can still deal a lot of damage even from afar because of his extensive range.


Brody is the very definition of a textbook Marksman. The best way to play this hero in Mobile Legends is to mind your own business, stick to farming, and wait until you’ve farmed enough. Brody shines best late in the game, any earlier and he’ll just end up being a liability more than anything else.

Once you do get to the late game and your economy is looking good, there’s no enemy hero that will be safe from your ganks.


Similar to other Marksmen, Wanwan scales best late in the game. However, what makes Wanwan particularly unique is that the hero can help out in ganks quite a bit. This can make it tricky to balance between rotating to help out other lanes and focusing on your own lane to farm. If all else fails, always choose the latter. But, if you think that you can find a reckless Tank to drop your ultimate on, then be our guest.


Bruno is a very aggressive hero in Mobile Legends that takes a lot of skill and awareness to be good at. However, what makes Bruno good for beginners is that it’s fun seeing heroes fall down the longer you stay in a fight. Not to mention, Bruno can clear minion waves quite easily and has an innate escape tool just in case you find yourself in a precarious situation.


When it comes to the best Marksman for beginners in Mobile Legends, Hanabi is arguably the top choice. She is the type of hero that can just focus on one enemy and still have a good chance to take them down without much effort. However, until Hanabi has Berserker’s Fury, it’s best to keep a low profile and continue farming.

Beginner Tips For Playing Marksman in Mobile Legends​

  • Keep your eyes on the prize. Or, in this particular case, the gold lane. The more you last hit creeps, the better. Your job isn’t to engage enemies as early as possible. Your job as a Marksman is to build crucial items as fast as you can. The best way to do this is to stay in your lane and trust your teammates to have your back for you.

  • Speaking of having your back, make sure to watch out once the enemies start disappearing off the map. As a Marksman, you’re likely one of your team’s win conditions. This means that enemies will target you often and early. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and don’t show up until you can account for where the enemy heroes are on the map.

  • Don’t worry too much about team fights early on. Make no mistake, you should help when it’s absolutely necessary. However, the more that you delay your farm, the more that you set your team back. So, if given the choice between farming more safely and saving a teammate, go with the former. Let your other teammates take care of all the killing during the first few minutes of each game in Mobile Legends.

  • On that note, go to the Jungle and don’t Roam. If you can’t farm safely in the gold lane, invest in Jungle equipment if your team has no junglers. This way, your farm won’t fall behind as much.


Playing as a Marksman in Mobile Legends is no easy task. Anyone who tells you that it’s all about farming as much as you can and as fast as you can clearly do not know what they are talking about.

If you’ve decided to main a Marksman in Mobile Legends, don’t forget our tips. Even though this isn’t a comprehensive guide, these beginner-friendly tips should help you get a good start in your Mobile Legends journey. Eventually, you’ll come to learn a few tips and tricks on your own that you can apply to your own game.