The Clash of Clans April 2024 update will introduce a new pet, new levels, clan tagging, and more

Guild of Guardians
Clash of Clans is gearing up for its upcoming April 2024 update, featuring a new pet, new levels for troops and buildings, a feature to tag players in chat, and more.


The April update will introduce a flying octopus pet called Angry Jelly. Angry Jelly has an ability called Brainwash and single-targets both ground and air units. This new pet can be unlocked at Town Hall 16, with the pet house upgraded to level 10.

While attached to the chosen hero, it controls the hero’s attention towards the enemy's defenses after deployment. The hero will be immune to direct damage and traps as well until he falls. Angry Jelly will then transform into a regular troop and will become vulnerable to attacks and traps.

Additionally, new levels for one defense, five buildings, and three selected troops will be available in the coming update. Here are the comprehensive details for the new levels and their upgrade cost and time:

New Building Level

NameLevelUpgrade Cost Upgrade Time
Clan Castle1221M Elixir15 days and 12 hours
Builder’s Hut620M Gold15 Days
Eagle Artillery722M Gold15 days and 12 hours
Monolith3370K Dark Elixir16 days
Pet House1021.5M Elixir16 days

After leveling up the clan castle to level 12, players may now donate or request two Siege Machines instead of just one like before. It will also allow players to bring up to five different Siege Machines during attacks.

If it is just within the clan, a maximum of two Siege Machines can be contributed by a single member, but it can be done by two clan members as well.

New Troop Levels

Troop Name LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade Time
Yeti621M Elixir15 Days
Ice Golem8360K Dark Elixir15 days and 12 hours
Electro Titan422M Elixir16 days

New Siege Machine Levels

Defense Name Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time
Flame Flinger519M Elixir13 days and 12 hours


Players will now be able to select a separate defensive layout in Builder Base, allowing them to decorate their active layout without compromising their defense.There were also a few changes related to clans, including the clan perks. This will encourage members to donate more troops, spells, and siege machines because of increased perks.

Aside from the clans, clan war rewards will now increase, like Town Hall 16, which will be getting 6 starry ore instead of 5. Loss and tie rewards have also increased. The 35 vs. 35 and 45 vs. 45 Wars will be open again, with the war roster selection showcasing the clan member’s most recent time they have been online.

For clan leaders and co-leaders, clan war sign-up in the clan chat will be available to select who will be participating in the next clan war. The sign-ups can be pinned in the chat and cannot be removed until the war begins.

Speaking of clan chat, clan members may now tag others by typing “@” followed by a specific name in this upcoming update. The available tags are:

@clan: Notifies everyone in the clan.
@leaders: Notifies the clan leader and co-leaders.
@player_name: Notifies a specific player.

The loot limit per attack has been raised in the clan capital and enables scaling defensive bonuses with the remaining hit points for deployed units. That’s all for the Clash of Clans April 2024 patch update.