The Complex - Multi Awarded PC & Console Game Are Now Available For Both Android and iOS iOS Android 

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We've seen quite a number of amazing interactive movies or FMV (full-motion video) games in the past years. And Wale's Interactive has been known for creating such interesting games. We'll introduce them later on. But for now, we have Wales Interactive's highly awarded game from PC (Steam) and consoles getting ported to Android and iOS - The Complex.


For those who played the animated game of The Walking Dead, we can't deny the thrill of making sudden choices, trying to predict what will be the outcome of your decision, and watch as the turn of events unfold before you. We've also seen the interactive movie from Netflix, Bandersnatch, that made an uproar last 2018. Those are already fine examples to get an idea of what this game's developer specializes in.

If you're familiar with The Shapeshifting Detective on Steam and The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, then you probably know how good Wales Interactive is in terms of creating FMV games. What they've been doing is no easy feat. Creating a movie or game is one thing. But, creating a combined movie and a game is another thing.


SPOILER ALERT! Let me give you an idea of what kind of story you're going to play. You'll play as Dr. Amy Tenent, the creator of nano-cells in some distant future. The job of these nano-cells is to heal internal injuries which can then replace expensive hospitals. Then you and your team end up getting locked in a medical facility with a woman full of activated nano-cells with no off switch. Instead of healing her, it's now trying to kill her.


To make things more complicated, aside from you, your team, and the woman, there are other more people trying to get into the room. If that kind of situation doesn't make you sweat, then how about making a decision while minding the ticking timer? I see you're still not that nervous, eh?

How about making a decision whose lives will be spared and not? If you're a really stoic person, then I guess I can rest my challenge here. But, if you're easy to panic in such situations, then you may use the "pause" feature in the game's setting wherein the whole scene pauses when making decisions. In that way, you'll be able to take your time as you assess which choice you're going to make.


The progress and end of the story will depend on your decisions. Your late-game decisions will highly affect the final outcome. There are nine endings that you can get depending on your choices. Seven of them are relatively easy to get by replaying some parts and mixing different decisions. The 8th ending is somehow hard and the 9th ending is like an Easter Egg that might be dependent on your early decisions.


Progressing through the story will reveal the truth behind the mysteries of the plot such as how the nano-cells ended in the woman's body. Aside from the progress and end of the story, your choices will also affect your relationship with other characters. Once you have completed the game, your relationship rating with the characters will be shown.


Even your personality rating will be dependent on your choices. So be mindful when making decisions if you're aiming for some sort of achievement in the end. As for the game itself, I'd say that it's another great game from Wales Interactive. The acting was solid, the script was fluid and easy to understand, and the story itself is interesting especially at this time of advancing technology.


The game was made available on both Android and iOS last December 3rd. You may enjoy this game at the price of only PHP 319 at Google Play Store. The App Store displays $5.99, so I can't officially say that their prices are the same. But, hey, it's not that bad! For the price of PHP 319, you get a movie and a game! I'll provide the links down below.


I'd like to give the credits to Wales Interactive for the game itself, the images, and the content that I've used. I've seen the Shapeshifting Detective before and I hope it gets the Android port someday just like its iOS counterpart. Well, that's it for now! If you haven't seen the trailer yet, here it is, and enjoy!

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