The Crossover Event Between Arknights And Rainbow Six Siege Is Here

As confirmed by publisher Yostar Games and Hypergryph, the crossover event between Arknights and Rainbow Six Siege begins today. The initial announcement also provided a video trailer for Operation Originium Dust, which teased some of the new characters coming to the game.


“Operation Originium Dust” will introduce the operators of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege to the fantasy world of Terra. As previously stated, this event offers four new playable characters based on characters from the Rainbow Six Siege video game franchise. The first of these is a Tachanka-based 5-Star Guard-class Operator. Tachanka, a fully armored operator with a machine gun and grenade launcher, will be available for free as part of the event.

Frost is the inspiration for the second 5-Star Specialist-class Operator. Frost focuses on strategically installing traps on the map, such as Welcome Mats, which are robotic leg traps that may lock enemy units in place when they pass over them. The third Rainbow Operator is a 5-Star Defender based on Rainbow soldier Blitz, who wields a shield. Blitz is similar to the current Arknights Operator Liskarm in that he has a pistol and a shield studded with destructive flash charges.


Arknights X Rainbow Six Siege's final Rainbow Operator to be introduced is the lone new 6-Star unit, a Sniper-class unit modeled on Rainbow Forward Operations leader Ash. He is the final Rainbow Operator to be added in the Arknights X Rainbow Six Siege event. The ability to convert from her usual pistol to an assault rifle increases Ash's firepower. She can also employ a limited-ammunition grenade launcher to fire breaching rounds that can inflict damage on foes and force them back.


All Rainbow Six Siege Operators, with the exception of Tachanko, will be accessible via a time-limited premium headhunting banner starting today, as part of the event's launch. The banner includes special assurances that will minimize the number of reels required to acquire all of the highlighted characters if the banner is used. With regard to the 5-star units (Blitz and Frost), gaining one of them while rolling ensures that the next 5-star character you acquire is the other. Ash, the 6-Star unit pictured, is guaranteed within 120 total throws. All participants will also receive a free 10-roll on the banner as a thank you for their participation.

Yostar Pictures, the studio behind the short film Holy Knight Light and the anime series Azur Lane: Slow forward!, has published an animated video to help convey the story of Operation Originium Dust. It depicts Team Rainbow Operators Ash, Blitz, Frost, and Tachanka together with the Rhodes Island Operators Rangers, Franka, Liskarm, and Schwarz fighting in battle. The trailer is narrated by Liskarm, voiced by actress Yui Ishikawa who also spoke characters such as Enterprise in Azur Lane, Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergarden, and Attack on Titan‘s Mikasa Ackerman.

Yostar also made a full trailer for Operation Originium Dust available on the official Arknights YouTube channel, which features the new characters and gameplay. Voice snippets from Team Rainbow Operators may also be heard in this trailer. Team Rainbow's characters are all voiced by individuals that have previously appeared in Rainbow Six Siege. Because the normal cast of the game uses Japanese voice actors, they are the only characters in Arknights who speak English as a first language.

Optional cosmetic costumes for Operators Tachanka, Ash, Liskarm, and Schwarz were also shown in the trailer. Tachanka's clothing is dubbed 'Lord,' a reference to his cult following among Rainbow Six Siege players. To blend in with Terra's native population, Ash's attire includes a cat-eared helmet. Liskarm's clothing is changed to resemble Rainbow Operator Blitz's more precisely. Schwarz's costume provides her with equipment that is better suited to tactical operations than her ordinary swimsuit. There was also a sneak peek at a special dorm furniture set modeled on Team Rainbow's offices.

The Arknights x Rainbow Six Siege crossover will follow the Arknights side narrative events' normal structure. Players will see cutscenes and take part in unique stages, some of which feature unique mechanics. Completions will reward them cash, which may be exchanged for items such as upgrade materials or copies of Tachanka at the event shop. In addition, Operation Originium Dust will have a simultaneous Arknights two-player cooperative option named "Multivariate Collaboration." The game is played on a two-story map, with each player in charge of one floor. Enemies will swarm from the top down, and players will need to work together to ensure that no one gets past their combined defenses.

Arknights is now available for download on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. Operation Originium Dust will run from August 18, 2021 to September 1, 2021.