The Division Resurgence new regional beta will start on November 16

Developers of The Division Resurgence have announced a new regional beta test for the game. It will begin on November 16 with only select players from the US, Brazil, and Australia being able to participate in the beta. The upcoming beta will be playable on select Android and iOS devices. Interested players can now sign up through this link.

the division resurgence.png

Previously, The Division Resurgence has already finished two regional betas that ran in June and July. It was scheduled earlier this year and through those betas, the players were able to get a deeper look at the specializations, characters, and weapon upgrades of the game. After the beta, the developer team continued on making various improvements and with the new regional beta coming up, the dev team is now ready to let players experience the campaign, side missions, and other open-world activities in the game. Participants can play up to main mission 8 and it can be done by either going solo or co-op.

In addition to that, the Dark Zone will be available as well for players who want to obtain valuable gear. The PVP Conflict mode and newly introduced Lone Wolf Challenge mode are all available as well during the regional beta. To give a bit of information regarding the Lone Wolf Challenge, solo players will be taking on short but increasingly difficult levels. Complete them as quickly as possible to earn a good rating, move up in the ranks, and unlock rewards. Strategize by experimenting with bonus skills and modifying your loadout to improve your times. You can also use whatever you have strategized here for other modes.