The Division's Big Free 1.7 Update Launches This Week

The Divisions next big patch is coming, Update 1.7 has been announced by Ubisoft which will overhaul the existing system and shall introduce a new type of activity. Most significant are Global Events, which are limited-time events with special gameplay modifiers that pay out exclusive rewards. Update 1.7 overhauls Feats and renames them as Commendations. These will now be tied into an integrated achievement system that gives players new tasks.

New gear is also of course on the way, including reworked versions of existing gear sets called Classified gear sets. These offer better primary stat rolls, new recalibration options, and new five and six piece set bonuses. There will also be new face masks to help customize your look.

Finally, there are encrypted caches, which hold a type of loot box with random customization items and emotes. These are opened with keys that can be found through regular gameplay or by purchasing them with real-world money. Update 1.7 launches for free tomorrow, August 15. It's one of the two big updates due out during the game's second year on the market.

source via Ubisoft

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