The Division's New Major Update

Ubisoft is now rolling out a new Update 1.6 for all the players and platforms of its famous shooting game The Division, alongisde with the release of the third person expansion named Last Stand. Ubisoft outlined the changes, which the company says are some of the most significant it's brought to the apocalyptic game since its launch in March last year. New hourly Contamination Events are being added, in which health management against enemies is vital. Leaderboards with rewards will also be available.

The company says these new spaces including vertical and underground arenas almost double the total size of the current Dark Zone. Players will now be able to insta-travel around the map. Clearing Landmarks will now automatically place loot in the player's inventory, bypassing the need for physical extraction. However, Landmarks spawn large numbers of NPC enemies, which become more ferocious in the far northern sections of the map.

Other additions include:

  • A Legendary difficulty setting
  • Exotic items and new gear
  • Changes to previous gear sets
  • A tweak to armor and health balance
  • Skill balance changes
  • Decrease in hip fire stability
  • Unlimited weapons calibration.

source via polygon