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Nov 4, 2018
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This game can be quite a handful for most beginners due to its complexity. That?s why a lot of veteran players tend to get frustrated when they encounter newbies in random games. This is mostly due to the common mistakes people tend to do over and over again.

To learn how to be better at League of Legends, one must take note of how not to play. These are mistakes, lapses of judgment, and bad habits that can be remedied and avoided in the future once they are taken into account.

Some players just can?t get into their heads on just how vulnerable they really in this game. Discretion outs the better part of valor, as the worse would say, and it?s imperative that you keep this in mind because going beyond your area of safety during battle. You can get revenge later if you are strong enough, but stay with your team and behind minions.

Always keep the range of the towers in mind. If you don?t, you?ll overextend and get hit hard. It?ll be even worse if there are enemies nearby, wherein they?ll take advantage of your stupidity and gank you.If you?re on the offensive, mind your level of aggression. You may think that your target is alone and nearing death, so you chase him down, only to find his backup barreling down towards you. Unless your target is really one hit away from meeting his maker, you have to run away. Of course, if you had overextended in the first place, you?ll have the whole opposing team and a tower ganking you silly.

Not Retreating
The problem with beginners is that they can get too hot-blooded in the middle of battle and start charging into the fray. Aggression is good at certain occasions, but not knowing to run away is a death sentence in LoL.
The most appropriate time to retreat is when you?re outnumbered. If there?s two of you in a lane and three enemy champions start charging towards you, there?s no point in trying to resist. Get out of their range immediately or you?ll be sorry.

You will see a lot of players who stay there even though they have low HP. This is where decision-making comes in regarding how long you can stay there when you?re in the red. The problem with going back to base is that it really is a waste of time. In this case, you have to turn tail at the slightest sign of enemy presence. If your health regeneration rate sucks, forget doing this and go straight home, especially since recall is ?free? anyway.

Assuming Safety in Numbers
Even though you may have an advantage by sticking to a group, safety is not fully certain. Remember that the enemy team also has backup and tides can turn in a matter of moments. For example, you?re jungling with someone else, then you?re ambushed by three enemy champions. They have strength in numbers and the element of surprise, so you?re beat already. In this case, you either escape or die.

Even superior teams need a scramble plan just in case things go downward. Remember that if you or a teammate leaves a lane to assemble with other teammates, your opponents will broadcast an MIA and will be aware of your shenanigans. You also have to be aware of enemies who go MIA as well so that you won?t get ambushed later on.

Tunnel Vision
For example, you?re chasing down an opponent that is about to die, but he has better movement speed than you. Even if you have good ranged attacks, you might struggle to take potshots at him, especially if he uses Ghost. If someone else comes in that is easier to kill, switch targets. Be adaptable and don?t get tunnel vision or you might end up not killing anyone.

You may notice this whenever you get to escape enemy attack. In most cases, you weren?t killed because he kept chasing you to the ends of the earth. Low HP is only a possibility, not a certainty. Don?t do the same when you?re on the offensive. If someone tries to save his teammate and you can handle him, go for him instead.

Focusing on the Enemy Tank
If your team focuses on tanks, you are morons. Remember that tanks are there to absorb damage for the team. The carry and mage are the ones with lower defenses, so the tank is right at front to keep you from killing them. The tank focuses on defense, so he can?t do that much damage. This means that he?s not much of a threat, so you might as well focus on squishier opponents.

Your priority targets are the carries, nukers, and anyone who has high DPS. They focus on dealing damage, so they would have low armor and health most of the time. Just make sure that you won?t fall victim to them since they would be doing the same thing. Have your tank CC them to take the edge off.

Trying to Save the Doomed
This its going to sound a little cold, but you have to think carefully before helping out a teammate. If he still has quite a bit of health, then help him by all means and gank whoever is hunting him down. But if it?s like he only has double-digit HP left, then stand back.

The fine line is there because it?s better to have only one dead player than two. Of course, you?ll have no dead teammates if you do save him from gankers. Just remember when you encounter such situations in the future and decide quickly.

Not Playing Your Role
Nothing makes teammates more angry and frustrated that Don?t be a hero and stick with the plan so that you?ll actually have a bigger chance of winning. There have been tanks who played like carries and plenty of mages who thought that towers tickle. If ever you get the urge to show that you can do better than what is within your champion?s capabilities, stop playing for a while because you?ll only mess up other people?s game.

Remember that whenever you play League of Legends, there are one to four people sharing the experience with you, so it?s never about you. Play your role and do your best, just as most others would as well. If everyone plays towards a common goal, victory is within grasp.

Not Being Aware of Who?s Dangerous
It?s an unavoidable fact that there are good players in this game, with skill so subtle yet obvious at the same time. These people have an innate sense for the game, knowing when to strike and how to take you out in a flash while still within the confines of the game mechanics. It?s great if they?re in your team, but you?ll have to wary if they?re in the other team. If you get ganked by such a player, do what you can to not get killed by him again. If you?re beat, you?re beat.

With that said, you?ll have to adapt and buy items to defend against whatever he has. If you do it right, you might even get a chance to kill that champion during the game as no one is ever near invincible in this game.

Disregarding Consumables
Some say that consumable items aren?t needed and you can go through games without ever using one. However, good players do use them as they help during pinches. There are various items with different effect, from restoring health to giving you and your teammates the ability to see invisible objects and enemies.

They?re definitely good for something, and you should do what you can to earn every bit of advantage. As long as you have space in your inventory and some extra gold, feel free to buy a potion or ward to better help your team out.

Forgetting to Activate Items and Abilities
Memories lapses during a game is one of the perils of multitasking, and it can happen to the best of us. However, that doesn?t mean that you should just let these instances pass you by. If you ever encounter such moments, find some ways to remember next time. You can do this by giving yourself mental queues to help with your memory, like if you?re attacking a bunch of minions, that?s when you should use this certain ability.

Missing these minor details can add up to major mistakes in the long run, so keep working on your game and learn how to turn things you forget into habits.

Not Queue-Dodging in Random Games
A lot of games have been lost because of shoddy gameplay and lack of proper understanding of the game. It comes as no surprise that there are beginners and bad players who get into this game, regardless of their lack of skill. This is a game after all, and most play it for fun and recreation. If you come up to champion selection and see signs that a player or two in your team seem like they don?t know what they?re doing, trust your gut and leave if you don?t feel like things are going your way while it?s still early. Of course, you may still play that game if you want a good challenge. There have been many games won because one good player carried an otherwise bad team to victory.

But of course, like in team sports, winning in LoL is a team effort. If you have doubts, you may leave the game and join a different one. There is no shame in that and you may even do them a favor somehow.

Being Stubborn
Perhaps it?s a predisposition for being hard-headed, or just a weird complex that makes one think that he doesn?t need to change anything. However, no one gets any better by being stuck. Even if you?re good, being stubborn about your own skills and in-game behavior may not only make you deteriorate, but you?ll also earn the ire of other players. Every player has his own bad habits, and that may hamper your development as a player.

If you?re already a highly-ranked player, keep in mind that a game is nothing much to be proud of. But if you learn to keep learning and find new ways to diversify your game, there?s something to be proud of. There should be no glass ceiling up there, so there?s no need to think that you?ve reached your peak. That?s also a reminder to beginners, so you should be able to practice and get better.

Not Making Friends
First and foremost, this is a online cooperative multiplayer game. Being a loner in such a realm may be possible, but it?s not likely that you?ll get as far as those who have others to play it with. Even if they?re just in-game friends, they?re way better than having no one in your friends list. You?ll get to play more games and learn more about other players and how they play this game.

This game, just like any other, is meant to bring joy to those who get into it. Strategy games are like chess of the 21st century, and they are even more fun if there?s a community devoted to them. This game has a worldwide community of avid fans who are willing to help beginners get better and challenge those who seek higher levels of competition.

Have fun. Frustration often leads to bad judgements and choices.

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