The Elder Scrolls: Legends coming soon in Asia regions

Localized Features in Asia for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Bethesda Softworks® and Gaea Mobile Ltd. are working together to bring the localized The Elder Scrolls: Legends game to all our fans in Asia, bringing familiar heroes, characters, creatures, and foes from the Elder Scrolls universe and transform them into cards to fight in battlefields.

The game is currently open for pre-registration on both GooglePlay and Apple Store in Asia countries, and today we will look into some of the localized features in the game:

Q: What do we expect to see in the localized game for the Asia regions?
The Elder Scrolls: Legends is well-balanced strategic card game packed with exciting challenges and rich stories. The localized version will maintain authentic look and feel of the game with features tailored for Asia players’ play style. For example, we introduced Traditional Chinese language for early access and will bring more languages for different regions in Asia later. We also adapt user interface to optimize user experience on mobile devices so you can embark the epic journey on the go! We have also prepared some interesting features, perks and handsome rewards for our fans and players in Asia, don’t miss out!

Q: Climbing to the top ladder has always been the goal for competitive players, how will different players be matched up?
We think matching new players with veterans too frequently too early will not be a very pleasant experience. We hope players can learn the basics through the immersive storyline and gradually master the core knowledge of the game through a natural role-playing experience. Which is one of the reasons we expanded sub-ranks in the rank game. There are 12 Ranks leading up to the Legend Rank, and each of those 12 Ranks has 3 sub-ranks. Each victory will lit a star in current sub-rank under your constellation. You can get a rank upgrade when you achieve one more victory after all sub-rank stars on current rank were lit up.

Players will have a more precise rating ELO score after initial rounds of matches, and players in similar rank level are more likely to be matched up. The expanded ranking system also helps to solve the issue of too many players falling into the same rank floor at the beginning of each season.

Q: What are the interesting localized features and perks for players in Asia region?
First of all, currently the story modes is completely free to players in Asia region, they can experience rich and fascinating story line such as Fall of the Dark Brotherhood or take up the challenge in master difficulty. We think the excellent story can serve as a great introduction session for new players. After completing the story mode, players will be more familiar with the history of The Elder Scrolls series, as well as the basic gameplay of the game, last but not the least – exclusive free reward cards from the set!

Active players will also be rewarded with in-game resources. Hence, we introduced Hero Pass into the game as alternative way to collect in-game resources for both core and casual players. We believe that players should be rewarded based on their performance after each battle, even for those who can only spare fragmented time.

Q: Please elaborate more on the Hero Pass system.
We feel that players who put in the time and effort to get better at the game deserve some fantastic rewards for doing so. We also want casual players to try out different play styles and decks without being restricted by buying card packs alone. And Battle Pass can help to provide needs for different type of players to still experience the thrill and excitement from card collecting and deck building.

Q: How is the game coming along? When will players in Asia be able to play The Elder Scrolls: Legends?
We want Asia players to enjoy the game as soon as possible, currently the game is already open to Android players from Taiwan, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and other regions in Asia, and recently opened pre-registration to both Android and iOS players in all Asia regions, so it will become available once the finetuning and optimization for localization is completed early this year. We want to bring the best strategic card game experience possible, so your feedback is very important to us! We hope every Asia player enjoys the game when it becomes available.

Please follow the links below, once you’ve completed the pre-registration, you will receive rewards when you log-in the game. You can also find the most updated information about the game and promotions.!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends in Asia, Official Pre-Registration Site:

The Elder Scrolls: Legends in Asia, iOS Pre-Registration:

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends in Asia, Official Facebook Page:

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